4 – 11th of July People’s Front Bulletin





4 – 11th of July

27th of June – 11th of July 2016

The hunger strike that started on 27th of June still continue on the 15th day. The unlimited hunger strike for the murdered children was supported by 3-day-long hunger strikes by the members of People’s Front in İstanbul, Antep and Hatay. In Gazi Neighborhood, there were supporting hunger strikes at the Taxi Stop, Hasan Ferit Gedik Anti-Drug and Liberation Center, Yuruyus magazine and Gazi Martyrs Cemevi.

27th of June 2016

A police assault against journalist Ebru Yeşilırmak of Yuruyus magazine took place. Policemen machine gunned the car of Ebru Yeşilırmak while she was in. An hour passed before she was taken into a hospital. Shot from the back, Yeşilırmak underwent a medical operation, where her spleen and a part of her lung were removed. She is not in a critical condition now.

The families of TAYAD moved their hunger strike action to the hospital garden and demanded justice. Families of TAYAD and Yuruyus magazine held a press meeting on 2nd of July where they emphasized this was a murder attempt by the police.


28th of June 2016

45 people were killed and hundreds were injured in a massacre by ISIS at Ataturk Airport! International Relations Committee of People’s Front made a statement:

“As a result of AKP Government’s support to ISIS, Turkey became a hub. This organization is the enemy of the peoples of the world and a tool of torture and massacre. The principle responsibility for its massacres belongs to the imperialists and their biggest regional collaborator AKP and Recep Tayyip Erdogan who supported ISIS in order to overthrow the Asad regime in Syria. In a country where the trucks transfer weapons to Syria, it is Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the ruling party AKP that are principally responsible from the spilling blood of our every single murdered people. We are not going to permit them to get rid of their responsibilities in this massacre with their everyday demagogies of terrorism. They murdered the people in Ankara and Suruç and now their randomly killing people to make them afraid even to leave their houses. We are going to bring AKP and the imperialists to the account for this massacre that aimed to kill and intimidate the people. AKP is trying to justify an all out attack against the people, showing these massacres as a legitimation. We will not permit this. We are not going to let AKP to bow the people into submission with the fear of going outside on the streets.

AKP is responsible from every single person killed by the ISIS!

AKP supports and feeds the ISIS. We will make them pay!”


2nd of July 2016

The public concert of Grup Yorum band in Okmeydanı took place despite the police attacks. The band emphasized that it will continue to resist and to sing the songs of the people against all oppression. Militias of the Front clashed with the police at the end of the concert. The tear gas cannisters of the police were answered by molotov cocktails and fireworks.

4th of July 2016

Staged by the Idil People’s Theatre company, the play called “The War for the Truth Continues from Bedreddin to Berkin” met the toiler people of Gazi. People were sincerely interested in the play which was free of charge.


6th of July 2016

The high school militias of the Revolutionary Youth raided a drug dealers house in Okmeydanı. They destroyed the drugs and chased the houseowner away.


8th of July 2016

Policemen attacked a march that protested police violence against Ebru Yeşilırmak in Gazi neighbourhood. Militias of the Front burned down 2 armored vehicles of the police forces.


9th of July 2016

Families of TAYAD made a press declaration in Taksim of Istanbul for the ill prisoner Kemal Avcı. Kemal Avcı got cancer in Kandira High Security Prison in 2011 but three quarters of his stomach was removed as a result of failed treatment attempts. Two years after his release thanks to TAYAD’s struggle, he was imprisoned once again and he was reduced to 45 kilograms in Silivri Prison. TAYAD is struggling once again for Kemal Avcı whose condition is getting worse because of isolation. TAYAD continues to resist in order to prevent Kemal Avcı from being murdered.

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