5th day of Grup Yorum, People’s Front, Anti-Imperialist Front and Dev-Genç delegation in Syria

On Tuesday, April 30, Grup Yorum’s 3rd concert took place in Syria under the slogan “we sing our songs for Palestine”.  The 3rd concert was held in Damascus, the capital of Syria, on the university campus.
We answered the questions of the press members waiting for us before the concert. We had interviews with major television channels such as Sputnik, Sana, Lena, Al Mayeeden. We explained why we were in Syria and emphasized that it was our duty to stand by the Syrian and Palestinian people who resist imperialism.
Approximately 1000 people attended the concert, which started at 13:00. There were thousands of people who could not enter the concert hall because it was small. All in one voice: “Go away, America!” slogan was shouted.
The Anti-imperialist Front made a speech at the concert. In his speech, he emphasized the brotherhood of the peoples of the world and once again exposed NATO aggression. He also explained that the axis of resistance changed the thinking of the whole world. And at the same time, he said that it showed that imperialism was a defeatable force and said, “Let’s unite against imperialism, fight and win!”.
After the concert, which passed with great enthusiasm, the students took photos with us and their contact information was taken.

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