Syria Diary – Day 7. AIF is in Maaloula

Today is Friday, May 3. Our visit to Syria continues as the delegation of Grup Yorum, People’s Front and Anti-Imperialist Front.

We spent our 7th day in Syria in the town of Maaloula. This is a town that was occupied by the gangs of US Imperialism for 7 months in 2013. The most distinctive feature is that many people from different religions live together in this town.

Located 56 km northeast of Damascus, this town is one of the three settlements where Western Aramaic is still spoken, along with Jubbeddin and al-Sarha.

During our visit to Maaloula, we saw that gangs directly attacked and aimed to destroy cultural and historical monuments, churches, statues and even caves.

What was intended to be destroyed was the coexistence of people from different religions and nationalities. What was wanted to be destroyed were the histories and traditions of the peoples.

We saw the theory of Fukuyama, one of the ideologists of imperialism, “The end of history has come” put into practice in this town.

US Imperialism does not only aim to seize our underground and aboveground wealth in the countries it occupies. Essentially, it aims to make the people surrender by trying to make them forget their identities and history. This is why bombs are even thrown into caves.

US Imperialism could not achieve its goal in Syrian territory. The honor of defeating US Imperialism belongs to the resisting Syrian people.

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