9th Eyüp Baş Symposium: Final Declaration

The following decisions have been taken on the 9th “Eyüp Baş” International Symposium of the People’s Unity Against the Imperialist Aggression celebrated in Istanbul’s Küçükarmutlu quarter on September 8th and 9th:

Anti-Imperialist Front:

Will be the source of hope for the people by the means of the resistance it will develop, by the means of the existent resistances and by the examples of solidarity.

  • Perceives the US imperialism as the main enemy of the people of the world. Anticipates the weakening and defeat of US imperialism and deepening of the imperialist crisis.
  • Will wage struggle against all the attacks against the people of the world by the imperialism and it’s collaborators,
    against the toppling of people, organisations and governments such as Syria, Venezuela, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Palestine, Iran, Yemen, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Donbass that go against the interests of the imperialism,
    against the anti-popular criminal organisations established and managed by the US imperialism, such as NATO
    against imperialist institutions of exploitation: IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organisation, etc.
    against the reactionary-fascist governments that collaborate with the imperialism, and against offensives and oppression of the progressive parties, organisations and it’s members.
  • At the same time, it will wage struggle against the exploitation politics of the imperialist EU countries such as Germany, France, UK and Italy, which are imposed principally on the East Europe.
  • Perceives the increase of the immigration all over the world as the result of the deepening of the imperialist exploitation.
  • Perceives the state management crisis of the collaborator governments such as Turkish, Ukrainian and Greek, as a consequence of the imperialist crisis. The impoverishment of the people, the reduction in rights and liberties, the increase in arrests, imprisonments and massacres, extrajudicial kidnappings, are a consequence of this. Anti-Imperialist Front will side with the people and wage struggle against all this attacks.
  • Supports the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli Zionism as the enemy of the people, and calls the people of Palestine to grow their struggle bigger.
  • Supports all revolutionary, democratic, patriotic and progressive prisoners that have been imprisoned in the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggle, and calls to expand the solidarity with them while demanding the liberty of political prisoners.
  • The only road against the attacks on the democratic rights and liberties passes through resistance. We should resist even if there is a single person. The resistances materialised in Turkey, principally the Yüksel resistance, demonstrates this fact to the people of the world. Anti-Imperialist Front, calls the people of the world to wage struggle and to resist at the cost of paying the price for the economic, democratic, political rights and liberties.
  • The imperialism wants to make all professions perform the service for it’s own interests: from artists to lawyers, from engineers and architects to public workers. Against this, it is possible for all those professions to do service to the people. Grup Yorum, the lawyers of People’s Law Office, People’s Engineers and Architects, etc. are the example of this. Anti-Imperialist Front calls the people of the world to multiply those examples.
  • Anti-Imperialist Front calls all progressive organisations and institutions to support and become the voice of the revolutionary music Grup Yorum whose 6 members are on the most wanted list, 10 members are imprisoned.
  • Anti-Imperialist Front calls all progressive organisations and institutions to the hearing that will be held on September 10th for the revolutionary lawyers that were arrested for attending to the needs of the people and the oppressed, whose hunger strike won against imposition of hearing via video conference (SEGBIS), who are being ready in the court to win the rights over once again.
  • Anti-Imperialist Front calls all anti-imperialist organisations to engage in common continuous actions against the imperialism and it’s institutions.
  • Anti-Imperialist Front calls all anti-imperialist and anti-fascist organisations to expand the common struggle.

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