DHKC Statement: 471, Date 20.9.2018

DHKC Statement: 471 Date: 20.9.2018.


The social order is the order of prostitution, gambling and the drugs,
We will bury this social order together with all of it’s filth in the garbage dump of history,
We will demand reckoning for the killed revolutionaries!

From Devrim to the killers:
“Enemies… I will not surrender to you!”

From Devrim to the people:
“I love my people, my fatherland. Give everyone my regards.”

The people of Turkey!

In one of the slums of Istanbul’s Küçükarmutlu, a 25-yearold militant of the Front fall a martyr while fighting against the assassins who besieged the house he was staying in. His name is İbrahim Devrim Top. He gave his last breath saying: “I love my people, my fatherland.”

We continue to give martyrs for the independence of our country, for the freedom of our people.

Why did AKP fascism’s killers kill Devrim? Why did they target him?

We announced to the whole world: we unfurled a flag against the decadence. We wage struggle against gambling, prostitution, drugs. Wherever we are organised we work hard to stop gambling, prostitution and the drugs. We fight the mafia gangs on one hand, and on the other hand we pull out our bogged down youth.

To drug, to apoliticise, to degnerate our people and especially our youth, is the central policy of the imperialism and fascism. The more drugs, prostitution and gambling spread, the more the system would feel glad about it. That’s why the Front’s struggle against the drugs, is the struggle which spoils the fascist policies.

Every member of the Front, wherever he is at, represents the flag, the vanguard of the struggle against the decadence, gambling, prostitution and drugs.

One of the tens reasons why the imperialism and the fascism attacks the Front is this one.

Behind the drugs and the mafia, there is AKP. Against them, there are sons of the people.

Devrim’s crime is not to give the drug dealers a chance to take their breath. His crime was not to reckonise drug dealers’ the right to live in our neighbourhoods. His crime was to organise the popular resistance against the pillage and destruction of the urban transformation.

Do not look at the news published in the newspapers that say “dug teams in front of the schools” as soon as the schools open. The deepening of the decadence, the generalisation of the drug addiction is the policy of AKP. During the government of AKP the drug abuse has increased 1883 times. The big boys of the drug deals, in front of schools or any other place are all under AKP’s protection. No other government before AKP didn’t have such an open collaboration with mafia. In order to use them in the war against the people and the revolutionaries, AKP’s political power released 21 mafia bosses in one evening.

This mafia bosses, the likes of Peker and Çakıcı, lean their backs against AKP and in the name of fascism threaten the people and the revolutionaries saying “we will kill”, “we will make bloodbath”, while on the other side they continue with drugs, prostitution, gambling, extortion, tender and usurpaion business.

The fascism wants to seize the control of Küçükarmutlu
and poor neighbourhoods via state terrorism and decadence.

The fascism killed Dilek Doğan in Küçükarmutlu. It killed Yılmaz Öztürk. Two months ago on July 19th , the Armutlu cemvi, People’s Engineers and Architects’ office, House of Loyalty “Sevgi Erdoğan” were raided by the police. The fascist police urinated on the wall of cemevi! The president of the cemevi Zeynep Yıldırım was arrested. And once again Küçükarmutlu was painted in blood. Once more Küçükarmutlu held a funeral ceremony for a revolutionary, where we raised our red flags: members of Dev-Genç then took over the flag from Devrim. They shouted the demand for reckoning facing the police armoured vehicles.

What we shall say to the killers is this: even if you convert the streets of Küçükarmutlu in the ocean of blood, even if you send a mafia gang to it’s every street and beseige it with drugs, prostitution and gambling, even then the neighbourhood is till ours. The neighbourhoods of poor people are the neighbourhoods of revolution, and that way they will remain.

Because in those neighbourhoods the hunger, poverty and contempt lurks together with the fascist terror. In those neighbourhoods live those that cannot have their children educated, those that cannot get their illness treated, those that work their whole life without making the both ends meet.As long as there is injustice and destitution, those neighbourhoods will continue being the neighbourhoods of revolution.

Our Tradition is the Law Constitution of the People’s War: Devrim Fell A Martyr Carrying On Those Traditions.

“Enemies… I will not surrender”, he shouted to the assassins outside. The tradition of no surrender that was started by Mahir in Maltepe and Kızıldere, by Sabo in the events of April 16th and 17th, the tradition of no surrender carried on by Sıla Abalay and Bilgehan Karpat to this day has been continued by Devrim Top.

In an instant of the skrimish he was wounded. In that moment he thought of the owner of the house: “Go away from here brother, take good care of yourself, withdraw” he said and bid his farewell, It was his farewell from his people.

While the house owner was leaving, he finished his last words: “Brother, I love you, our people and our fatherland. Give my regards to everyone”, and he continued fighting.

He thought of protecting the people in the house before thinking of his own life just like Mahir and Cevahir, like İbrahim Yalçın Arkanlar, líke Sibel Yalçın…

These traditions are the unwritten rules of every member of the Front. These traditions are did not appear by the way of orders, but by the way of Front members’ love for the people and the fatherland, by the way of ideological clarity.


Just 25 year old Devrim is from Çorum. In 25 years he was arrested over and over again, he was a revolutionary who experienced torture and imprisonment.

A big part of his dreams and plans were related to what he will do when an uprising comes. For him, revolution was not as much of a far away dream for him: it was a reality which he felt right next to him as if it would happen spontaneously any moment-
Devrim was born on June 7th, 1993 in Çorum as a child of a Turkish Alevi family. He abandoned Çorum’s Eti highschool at the last grade.

Devrim Top was arrested for the first time on September 19th 2011 while he was a student of Çorum’s Eti highschool when he resisted police during the protest action against the compulsory religion lessons.

His uncle Selhan Top was a guerrilla. He fell a martyr on October 20th 2003 in a clash with the gendarmes in Çorum. That’s when the anti-fascist struggle entered the heart and the mind of Devrim: “I first thought of revolution when I was still a child, when my uncle was martyred. I wanted to become a revolutionary and demand reckoning for my uncle.” That’s the dilemma of fascism.

In 2009 he decided to become a revolutionary. Since that day he was within the struggle as a Dev-Genç member. He took place in the organizing Liseli Dev-Genç (highschool revolutionary youth) in Çorum, Ankara and Istanbul. He participated in the militia activities. He spent certain period of his struggle being searched for. He never stood back in any fight.

He experienced imprisonment. In the imprisonment he did not surrender. He is self-educated. He read, he prepared himself physically for the war on isolation cell’s airconditioning. His rage against the enemy was great. Upon being able to disciplne this rage, he would be able to do a lot more in the struggle against the fascism then he did until this day. If one does not act with an ideologic and political programme, such rage does not convert into a force which kicks enemy into the guts. That’s also what all our comrades will learn from Devrim.

Devrim was finally released on February 2nd 2018. It was a time when the police set an ambush in front of the prison and once again arrested the ones that were set free. He continued the struggle since he was released until September 13th 2018 when he was killed by the running dogs of AKP’s fascism.

In his biography Devrim used the following words to explain what the movement meant for him: “The movement is the only force that will change the world. And we are obliged to change the world. This exploitation and the system of oppression cannot go on like this.”

Our promise to all Devrims: WE WILL CHANGE THIS UNJUST WORLD.

The AKP government will be brought to account for all it’s massacres.

Devrims die, Revolutions continue! The victory is Devrims.

This decadence, this povery, those massacres are the cause of our revolution.



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