Solidarity Message with the 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey, Imprisoned in Greece

South America, 18 November 2022


The multidimensional crisis of the ruling system is expressed in the deep and growing crisis of positivist law, which manifests itself in multiple forms. The decomposition of this capitalist system and its neo-liberal expression, is accentuated with greater viciousness against the people, however, that social contracts have been elaborated to be cohabitable in a society composed of different and in ‘peace’, however, of the multiplicity of perceptions, ideas, thoughts, worldviews.

Reality shows that the world is experiencing the fascistisation of societies, the authoritarian absolutism of the power of the ruling class, with a punitive, inquisitorial, persecutory legal basis, such as the criminal law of the enemy, the fascist right, which aims to nullify, liquidate, any dissent from the prevailing system with the sole objective of nullifying the highest human right to transform society.

Consequently, the criminalisation, persecution, stigmatisation, the declaration of subjects as pariahs, subjects turned into objects with no right to anything, the declaration of anyone who acts to transform these unjust relations of production, as is happening against democrats, progressives, revolutionaries, and even more wickedly if they are communists. This obsolete bourgeois ruling class is leading to the risk of the extension of our species, either through the holocaust or through the destruction of the planet, as evidenced by its own reports or scientific studies, which demonstrate the cruelty and anti-humanity of its system.

This is the case of the eleven Turkish social, revolutionary, communist fighters who have been sentenced to 333 years in prison, which would be a clear reflection of the slow and cruel death sentence. This is why we express our total solidarity and at the same time condemn such a vile and inhuman treatment.

Kind regards.

Director of Atreverse Magazine

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