Italy: Solidarity rally with the struggle in Peru

A rally organised by the Peruvian and Italian people in Roma attended by around 150 people at Piazza Della Madonna Di Loreto on 22nd January 2023.

People came together to protest the massacres in Peru and declared their solidarity with the people of Peru against the coup that has been supported by imperialism and staged by their collaborators in Peru.

Anti-Imperialist Front also took part in the rally and delivered a message of support.

An Italian comrade delivered the message on behalf of AIF said: “Comrades, I`m here to express solidarity and the common will to fight on behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Front, an internationalist organisation that was set up to defend the struggles of peoples, to defend political prisoners, those who oppose imperialism, and for this reason it is an organisation that is spread all over the world, starting from Turkey and the countries of Europe and also in Latin America.

That is why, at this time, the will to develop the common struggle must be placed at the centre.

Here in Italy too we will try to improve the participation of Italian comrades in these demonstrations and always remembering and always honouring the memory of all these comrades who fell in Peru. In these days, we will always remember and always carry our flags. Just as we have never forgotten the 300 comrades who died in the clash in the prison of Lurigancho, Callaou and Fronton in 1980.

Long live all the fighters!
We will continue to fight until victory!
Long live Peru!
Long live the international struggle against imperialism!”







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