Action In Front Of The Turkish Consulate In Thessaloniki For the Ali Osman Köse

Action was taken in front of the Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki for the release of the Revolutionary prisoner Ali Osman Köse, whom the fascist Turkish state tried to prevent and kill in all ways.

Thursday May Greek statement on the issue was often read to the people of the region through a megaphone while the same demanding banner was opened at 1 noon on Thursday, May 12, organized by the people’s front and the committee of solidarity with Ali Osman Köse.

Again, our statement was distributed by Greek friends who participated in the action to people passing through the region.

During the action, the slogans “Let Ali Osman Kose be released, down with fascism Long live our struggle” and “the AKP will answer to the people” were thrown, while the slogans “Down with Israel Long live our Palestinian Resistance, The Palestinian people are not alone” were also thrown

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