Anti-Imperialist Front In Solidarity with Basque Political Prisoners: Towards an International Struggle of Political Prisoners

Anti-Imperialist Front wages struggle in all areas where imperialism manifests itself: economy, politics, science, culture, law and especially the area which represents the common response of imperialism to any kind of resistance-the repression and incarceration. The resistance of political prisoners spreading. Imperialism is a global system, and so should be the resistance against it. Turkish political prisoners gave three martyrs this year, and Basque political prisoners are starting their hunger strike too, with the following demands:

  1. liberation of ill political prisoners and those which have their sentence almost served,
  2. right to visits,
  3. right to protective material against covid-19 virus,
  4. test all prisoners and guards for covid-19 virus,
  5. right to attend the funeral of a family member in case he or she dies.

Anti-Imperialist Front expresses its solidarity with the hunger strike of Patxi Ruiz, and calls to unite the struggle of all political prisoners in a single front against the imperialism and its repression.

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