Anti-Imperialist Front On Verdicts Against Revolutionary Lawyers In Turkey

March 23, 2019

The Anti-Imperialist Front calls for the immediate release of revolutionary and progressive lawyers in Turkey.

The decisions of the courts of fascism are null and void. This is class justice, in this case the “justice” of a system that does not even heed its own laws. The court had recourse to “secret witnesses”, a trend in recent years in Turkey which denies defendants even a pretence of a fair trial. No judiciary, no law, can judge the rightfulness and legitimacy of revolutionary lawyers.

Rather than being a lawyer in order to lead a comfortable life, they were sentenced to between 3 and 20 years for being against injustice, for justice and honour and advocating for the people. In Turkey, the punishment is aimed at intimidating the revolutionaries who fight for justice for the people.

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