Anti-Imperialist Front Stands Together With Banda Bassotti On the Anniversary of Sigaro’s Passing Away

On this day, one year after the death of comrade Sigaro, we join, as Anti-imperialist Front, in commemoration, solidarity and in the struggle, all our Italian comrades and in particular the Banda Bassotti who are always ready to support the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist struggles, everywhere in the world.

Angelo Conti, the guitarist and the soul of the Banda Bassotti, does not leave a void but an internationalist movement that continues the struggle. Sigaro lives in every comrade who has known him and every place he has visited. He will continue to live in the internationalist solidarity and anti-imperialist struggle of those who sing his songs.

He who fights will never be alone.
We are right, we will win!
11 December, 2019

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