Anti-Imperialist Front Statement About the Current Situation in Syria

OCTOBER 21, 2019

Turkey has invaded Syria after reaching agreement with US imperialism. It supports Islamist groups seeking ‘régime change’ in Syria, as well as targetting Kurds in the north of Syria who have themselves relied on support from US imperialism.

Fascism in Turkey is an occupation force in Syria

It must immediately cease occupying Syrian land!

  • Turkey has entered Syria as an occupation force of US imperialism, targetting not only the Kurdish people but all the people of Syria.
  • Experiences in Syria today have proved to us that no peoples can win their rights by collaboration with imperialism. History records no example of any peoples winning that way.
  • As we have seen, no people can make a revolution by pinning their hopes on imperialism.
  • However, a people’s revolution can be made by fighting against imperialism.
  • From the start the correct policy in Syria has been for the people of Syria, including the Kurdish people, to resist occupation.
  • What has happened is a defeat for the politics of nationalism. Kurdish nationalism has a fatal weakness for seeking a sponsor like the Americans, any nationalism lacking a perspective of social liberation and anti-imperialism risks falling into the same traps.

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