Anti-Imperialist Front Summer Camp 2023

The Summer Camp of the Anti-Imperialist Front was held in France from 23.07 until 30.07.
23.07 Collective organised the camping
24.07 Rojava and US policies in Syria
25.07 Disinformation
26.07 LGBT as tool in the hands of imperialists
27.07 NATO the biggest terror organisation and its expansion after 1990s
28.07 Education of Collectivism, the example of the Soviet Union – discussion together with Families, Youth and Children
29.07 Ayten Öztürk and the imperialist methods of torture and secret centres as bases of fascism and imperialism
30.07 Last day free time with the members of AIF, families and youth
At 24th July we started officially the first day of summer camp. After collective activities and organising our place we started the programme with a panel about Rojava and imperialist policies with a discussion afterwards. Later a meeting in preparation for the upcoming symposium that will held in Berlin with focus on the anti- terror laws, especially the German paragraph 129 used against revolutionaries, political prisoners and anti imperialist struggle, took place.
Today it was the 129th day of the hunger strike of Eda Deniz Haydaroglu, together with Sevil Sevimli and Ilgın Güler they resist against the 129 laws. Therefore there was a call for a hashtag action on twitter in that we participate. A call also made for participation on the next appeal court of Özgül Emre, İhsan Cibelik and Serkan Küpeli, on 1st of August.
On the second day, 25th July of the camp of the families, youth and internationals collective sports took place in the morning and also 3 comrades of Antiimperialist Front made a hunger strike in solidarity with Eda, Sevil, Ilgin. AIF held a presentation on the topic of disinformation as a tool of ideological warfare in the hands of imperialism. Furthermore, a meeting took place to discuss about the symposium on anti-terror laws (with a focus on paragraph 129 a and b of the German criminal law) planned for November 3rd-5th, 2023, in Berlin.
On the 26th again we started with the collective sport and continue our discussion with the topic of LGBT as a tool of NATO imperialism. The discussion focus on the part of the policies of NATO that want in different ways and methods to occupy the minds of the people of the world, mostly the leftists. Also two members of AIF made a solidarity hunger strike and call the people to join in the hunger strike generally support the demands and make louder the voice of resistance. After we had free time going to the seaside and on return we continued our discussions about our Symposium. At night we had the collective entertainment together with all the people in the camp.
On 27.07 we discussed about the murderous policies of NATO against the people of the world – we explained mostly about the expansion after the 1990’s. And we analyse why imperialism established NATO in 4th April 1949 against socialism and against the Soviet Union. We spoke about the today ongoing invasions, as the baked US-EU coup in Ukraine, the proxy war in Syria etc. We discussed the lies of imperialism and the most dirty politics that they are using against the people of the world. After the discussions we went to the seaside and at the end of the day we had entertainment with all the people of the camp.
On the 28th we participated in a panel giving by the families where the main topic was the education of the children and how collectivism is a very big issue in the daily life. Examples of the Soviet Union were discussed and also families, mothers and fathers told their opinion about the topic, focused on case that the camp wth all the ages and people is the best lesson for children of being more collective and sharing with each other.
On 29th of July a panel was held for FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR AYTEN. In this panel explained the imperialist policies of torture, the policy of AKP fascism, the secret bases that make tortures, the isolation in prisons and the high security prisons as a way to attack the revolutionaries and make them surrender to the enemy. It was also explained that this policy is something that happened for many years in Turkey due to the fascists and also is a policy of imperialism and CIA. After that we discussed about the ongoing campaign for Ayten and about her book that is banned by AKP fascism. We explained the international campaign with the 1000 solidariity videos, the panels, the meetings, the translation of the book, the importance to tell to all over the world about the case of Ayten Öztürk. Because Ayten is not only a sympol against torture but also a sympol of resistance. Because she resisted by six months against the brutallity of tortures and she won! And this is great example of power for all the people of the world. After Ayten contact through internet from Turkey, from the House of Resistance in Armutlu answer to the questions of the people who were enthusiastic. On 29th as every Saturday we were on 1 day solidarity hunger strike with the resisters in Berlin and we had all together a video with the hunger strike resisters who where in the camp.
The 30th was the day that most internationals left the camp after the collective sports and breakfast.
Long live International Solidarity!
Let’s Unite Fight and Win Against Imperialism and Fascism!


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