Freedom for Paraguayan revolutionary Carmen Villalba and Colombian revolutionary Simon Trinidad!

Carmen Villalba – a prominent guerrilla fighter in modern Paraguay and one of the leaders of the Marxist-Leninist Army of the Paraguayan People (Ejército del Pueblo Paraguayo or EPP) has been imprisoned for nearly 20 years for her revolutionary activities.
After serving an 18-year sentence, instead of being released, Paraguayan authorities continue to illegally keep Carmen in prison. They seek to keep her in prison until 2035.
From a young age, Carmen has been fighting for revolutionary changes in her native Paraguay, for delivering her country from imperialist dependence, despite constant brutal repressions against revolutionary guerrillas, arrests, kidnappings, prison terms, and murders.
Carmen and her family were constantly subjected to repression by the ruling regime. A special unit of the Paraguayan army forcibly kidnapped Carmen’s 14-year-old daughter and brutally murdered her cousins Lilian and Maria Carmen, aged 11 and 12. Earlier, under unclear circumstances, the only 12-year-old son of Carmen was killed, whom the Paraguayan authorities considered a criminal and pursued from childhood until his death.
With the help of legal tricks, the Paraguayan state succeeded in illegally extending Carmen Villalba’s time in prison. By extending the term of Carmen’s imprisonment, the authorities of Paraguay violate even their own bourgeois laws.
We express our solidarity with Carmen’s revolutionary struggle and demand her immediate release!
Simon Trinidad is a well-known activist in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP), in which he was mainly an educator and participant in peace negotiations with the Colombian government.
In 2004, Simon was captured in Ecuador with the assistance of the CIA, where he was working to contact a UN official as part of an effort to restart peace talks with the Colombian government and initiate a prisoner-of-war exchange. Simon was sent to Colombia and extradited from there to the United States on false charges of drug trafficking and hostage taking.
Simon was sentenced to 60 years in prison and sent to a maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado, where he spent years in solitary confinement and now continues to serve time in this prison.
Simon is serving a term due to an unfair court decision and conditions of severe isolation. We express our solidarity with Simon Trinidad and demand his immediate release!
Anti-Imperialist front

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