Anti-Imperialist Front TV News Programme 05/04/2023


1-Actions In Front Of Italian Embassies In Six Different Countries For Alfredo Cospito!

2- The hunger strike against terror law of 129 a-b law continues in Germany
3- On 2nd of April an internet conference organised by People’s Council and held for Freedom for revolutionary academician Nüriye Gülmen.
4-Solidarity Gathering For Gökhan Yıldırım, in Front of Turkish Embassy in London
5-On 30th of March in different cities in Turkey and Europe, held annıversary for revolutionary leader Mahir Çayan and his comrades who felt martyrs in Kızıldere village, on 1972
6- On 3rd of April a ceremony held in the cemetery of revolutionary artist member of Grup Yorum Helin Bölek. Mother of Helin, GY members friends and comrades of Helin participate in commemoration of 3 years after the martyrdom of the honorable member of music band. Helin and also Ibrahim Gökçek murdered by AKP fascism because they wanted to make free concerts
7- Israeli occupation forces brutality attacked the Palestinians inside Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

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