Solidarity With Anti Imperialist Action Ireland Against State Repression

The Irish police house raids and arrests following the peaceful the Anti Imperialist Action 1916 Rising Commemoration.

Six Special Branch detectives moved among people waiting to participate in the well-managed and attended peaceful 1916 Commemoration organised by the Anti-Imperialist Action organisation. A Public Order Unit van parked by the entrance to Glasnevin Cemetery (where Irish martyrs are buried) where the commemoration was held with speeches, readings and songs.

Afterwards, homes were raided and damaged by the Irish police force (Gardaí) legal electronic equipment was seized and a number of people arrested, one of whom at latest news at time of writing is still in custody.
The legal powers of the Gardaí in this case are under the Offences Against the State Act, which also established the Special Criminal Courts that operate without juries and with low evidence requirements for conviction.

Whether these actions were part of the general increase in State repression around much of the world including Ireland or a pre-emptive strike against opposition to our world master’s representative visit, war criminal Joe Biden, is uncertain.

In a few years the AIA have been to the fore in a number of initiatives including protesting the housing crisis and occupying empty buildings, defending Irish history and heritage, anti-fascist and anti-racist actions and protesting the continuing British occupation of Ireland and US and EU domination, also opposing the attempt to slide us into NATO and world war.

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