Palestinian Prisoners’ Day Banned in Germany – Solidarity with Palestine!


Palestinian Prisoners’ Day on 15 and 16 April has been banned, in the heart of “democracy”, by Berlin police. By banning this day, the German police want to stop people from raising their voices in solidarity with the resistance in Palestine and demanding freedom for the the 4,800 Palestinian prisoners behind the bars of Zionism.

These anti-democratic attacks by Germany against those fighting for justice is not the first and won’t be the last. Germany is a state which bans Grup Yorum concerts, jails revolutionaries from Turkey for organising picnics and protests. The German state collaborates with Turkey and Israel to fulfil its imperialist interests and please U.S. imperialism. It wants to silence those who resist.

As AIF we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people against criminalisation and repression. Freedom for all Palestinian prisoners!

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