Anti-Imperialist Front TV News Programme: 29 Augustos-05 September

Topics: 1-Death Fast Resister Gökhan Yıldırım Has Won Victory on Day 255th of Resistance and Paused His Death Fast After His Release 2-The Palestinian political prisoner Khalil Awawdeh has won victory on 182nd days of his hunger strike 3-The “Symposium on Justice against the Policy of Torture, Enforce Disappearance and Kidnapping”, which will be held on September 3, 2022, at the Şişli Nâzım Hikmet Cultural Center within the framework of the Freedom for Ayten Öztürk campaign, has been arbitrarily banned by the police! 4-Teacher Sibel Balaç, who started her death fast with the demand for a fair trial, is more than 260 th day. She has dropped to 41 kilos and his body is melting day by day. She was sentenced to 8 years for not keeping silent about the persecution of the Decree Law. 5-Yevgeny Golyshkin, one of the founding leaders of BOROTBA from the Ukrainian left movement, which fought for the liberation of Donbas against the US-EU imperialists, the collaborationist Zelenski government and the Nazi remnants, lost his life as a result of a shell shock received during the hostilities 6-Mikhail Gorbachev, the betrayer of socialism, the greatest traitor in world history, died in Moscow at the age of 91. The peoples of the world will never forget his betrayal and will curse him. 8-Camilo Guevara, the son of Che Guevara-, died as a result of a heart attack. Camilo Guevara was the director of the Che Center, which played an important role in spreading Che Guevara’s ideas. Our condolences to the Cuban people, family and loved ones. 9-Workers Strike in Malamatina factory in Thessaloniki, Greece: 1/9/2022 Occupation of the factory by the Police Forces – “Terrorism will not pass” the strikers reply. Police arrests, injured workers. The union continues the fight. Follow us in our media: Twitter : @_AIF1 Facebook: Anti-Imperialist Front @tv.antiimperialistfront Telegram: Anti-Imperialist Front Youtube channel : Anti-Imperialist Front TV Blogspot:,

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