Anti-imperialist publishing organization will be created. Results of the symposium workshop

After the Disinformation Workshop, that took place on the International Anti-imperialist symposium in Berlin, consensus was reached on the following issues.

As the panel discussed, disinformation is one of the most dangerous weapons of our time. We need to prevent it. To do this, we need to create an alternative media line to the establishment. We decided together on the following issues.

First of all, we will create a publishing organization. To start with, we will publish a magazine consisting of articles, evaluations, etc. given by the participants of our magazine. Our goal is a publication with an anti-imperialist perspective. We will decide on the technical and other details at our meetings.

We have set the goal of visiting countries and regions in the world that are under disinformation, blockade, isolation and where journalists are in danger.

We have decided to make press releases exposing the disinformation that imperialism does through the press through companies, peacemakers, white helmets, etc., exposing their institutions and organizations, telling the truth.

We believe that with the practice of anti-imperialist journalism, we will open a breach in the disinformation. Thanks to all our comrades for their efforts.


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