Declare April 4 International Day of Action against NATO. Results of the symposium workshop

At 3/11, 1st day of our symposium, that was held in Berlin, we spoke about the importance to work more unity and collective to fight against imperialist aggression.

Comrades and organizations from Greece, Turkey, Bask Country, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy participated in the workshop. All together we decided:

  • Make 04/April, the day of establishment of NATO, a common day for actions in front of USA’s Embassies or in front of NATO bases.
  • Organize a campaign to close NATO/US bases (Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey and etc.).
  • Declare the international action day for Palestine connecting the issue of Palestine with the general imperialist aggression.
  • Support Donbass (We must see the option if we can organize an anti-imperialist caravan).
  • Have a text about what is NATO as military, political, mechanism of  expansion of US profits in all over the world, that oppresses all the people of the world, in Latin America, Middle East Africa, Europe, Asia and etc. And we can also have signature collecting text to close the bases.
  • Stop sending military support to Zionist Occupation through airports and ports of different countries. (Try to contact with trade Unionists that live in EU and NATO countries as PTU, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy that refused to send military help to Israel and Ukraine.)

We decide sure to declare 04/ April as International day for actions against NATO and we will make worldwide actions.

Until 04 April campaigns inside countries can be held to promote the common action day.

We can have a group contact and again assembly to work all together with workshop participants first and after to spread our decision more worldwide.

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