Antiimperialist Front Made An Event In Thessaloniki Against The Terror Laws Of Imperialism

The Antiimperialist Front made an event in Thessaloniki in the office of Diarkis Agonas for Terror Laws of imperialism, for the terror laws Greece 187A and 129 A-B in  Germany, specific for the case of 3 revolutionaries antifascists  from Turkey that imprisoned by German Imperialism, Özgül Emre, İhsan Cibelik and Serkan Küpeli.

In the event participated 40 people and discussion was held. Antiimperialist Front’s representor Konstantina Kartsioti explain about the importance to fight against terror laws because terror laws is a policy of imperialism to attack to the people of the world through hard penalties and many years in prison. Through them they are trying to terrorize the people of the world. That’s why we must fight against them.

Also was mentioned the resistance of the hunger strike of 3 revolutionaries outside of prison the resistance of Eda Deniz Haydaroğlu, Sevil Sevimli and Ilgın Güler. The importance to support the demands and join the court of the 3 revolutionaries on 11th  July. That will be decide what will be happened with glass cage that they are keeping the prisoners in the court.

At the second part was discussed the last situation in Palestine and was screened the film for political prisoner Georges Abdallah.

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