Appeal to all the working people, workers’ movements, the communist movement, and all progressive humankind!

We, a group of comrades from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia, appeal to you: we must prevent the war! No to the war that the Western imperialists are planning to unleash by playing off Russia and Ukraine against each other!

This fratricidal war is beneficial only to the tycoons of financial capital. In the contemporary world, capitalist predators understand that any war between nuclear powers is unpredictable in terms of consequences and presents a real threat of humankind’s destruction, using the piles of lethal weapons that have been accumulated over the years. Therefore, bloodsucking imperialists benefit from local conflicts in which an openly chauvinistic, terrorist dictatorship of financial capital itself, that is, fascism, can be used.

As the highest stage of capitalism, imperialism already once divided the whole world into zones of its influence. Note that countries don’t exist for financial capital, but regions of influence do. Capitalism in its development has approached a perilous state: it is now a decaying swamp that is poisoning the lives of the entire planet’s inhabitants. This rotting swamp is already taking people’s lives with its wars and devastation. Capital is incapable of resolving the sharp contradictions of the bourgeois society. Capital also means constant economic crises, and capitalism overcomes crises by starting military conflicts.

Who can halt the bloody agenda of financial capital? Only the working class and the progressive intelligentsia engaged in the proletarian struggle! The slogan “Proletarians of all countries, unite!” is more relevant today than ever. “Peace to the nations!” the Bolshevik revolutionaries once proclaimed.

So today, we appeal to all humankind: No to war, No to the imperialist plans of the USA and their vassals in Europe! Peace to Ukraine, Russia, Peace to all humankind!

We urge everyone to repost or share this collective statement on your feed as a sign that you support it and/or consider yourself a signatory of this appeal to the world FOR PEACE.

If you would like to be added to the list of signatories please contact us via e-mail at


  • Iskra Group: Askar Aysin (Kazakhstan)
  • Botagoz Datkhabaeva (Kazakhstan),
  • Alexandr Naydenko (Russia)
  • Anti imperialist front – Belarus
  • MadaarSorkh – Iranian communist collective
  • United International Anti-Imperialist Anti-Fascist Front
  • Bulgarian Slavic movement
  • Public organization “OPLOT Bulgaria”
  • Laboratory of the Future (
  • Patriotic public association “Fatherland” (Belarus)
  • Public Association “For Democracy, Social Progress and Justice” (Belarus)
  • Consistent Democrats (Great Britain – LCFI)
  • Liga Comunista (Brazil – LCFI)
  • Tendencia Militante Bolchevique (Argentina – LCFI)
  • Socialist Workers League (United States – LCFI)

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