Call from Grup Yorum and famillies!

After Helin, Mustafa was also martyred for the sake of justice. Ibrahim is still alive. The lawyers of the people are alive… The lawyers of people are in the death fast against the injustice suffered by the clients and themselves.

Today is 313th day. Easy to say, İbrahim have still been resisting for 313 day. Those who did not hear our calls while Helin and Mustafa were alive, are making our news when they die.

We don’t want anyone to make death news.
We request whatever it takes to keep them alive to be done.
Are we the only ones who suffered injustice?

Are we the only ones hungry for justice?

A hungry baby attacks her mother’s breast.
We attack by our death fast to satisfy our hunger for justice.

Just as a baby that will die without milk, the injustice makes person thin and weak.

Justice is the demand of the all people in Turkey today.

Our call is to everyone who wants justice; we must unite, we must make our voice stronger. Our voice must shake the palaces of persecution.

Helin died cell by cell with the dream of justice during 288 days.

Mustafa resisted all kinds of torture for 297 days. Even when he could not walk, he said “Even if I lose everything, I have my honor, that’s enough”. “Victory or death,” says İbrahim every day.

Ignoring our rightful demands, those who have a share in our deaths, claim to defend human rights.

We ask; How long will you be quiet? People’s artist falling into the ground and a people’s boy who says “I will not give up my honor” are the sprouts that will breathe for the next generations. Where will you be in this history?

All artists, lawyers, writers, scientists who have been taken as an idol by everyone who defends democracy and human rights and whose words and actions are adopted, are the people who have fought for humanity in difficult conditions and have paid a price.

No rights have been earned in an easy way. Undoubtedly, if there was an easy way, people who love to live would never prefer an action with may lead to death.

Helin said ‘I will fly’ and after few hours she martyred.

Mustafa said ‘I can’t breath, I don’t have much time’ and he martyred at the night of the same day.

We gave the soil two beatiful people. İbrahim is still alive. Now it’s time to choose.

In which side we will be, how will we be mentioned? Will we look at our children’s faces with peace, or will we continue to be silent partners to their death?

İbrahim does not have much time. Let’s go hand in hand and let İbrahim live. No one should be crushed under the shame of not keeping him alive.

İbrahim wants to live. To live is a right, keeping alive is a responsability.

Our songs will win, Grup Yorum will be free.

Long live Death fast resisting.



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