Che Guevara’s son Camillo Guevara losts his life

The son of the Revolution leader Ernesto Che Guevara, Camillo Guevara March, as informed tragically lost his life yesterday, the 29th August, following a heart attack caused by pulmonary thrombilism on his trip from Venezuela to Cuba.
Camillo will remain in the hearts and memory of the people, not only as son of a unforgotten revolutionary but also an important transmitter and protector of the ideas and culture of our immortal commandante Che Guevara, since he dedicated his life and tireless worked to keep alive the memory and honorable history of his beloved father.
Camillo Guevara March is Immortal!
May he feel embraced by our Che.
We express our condolences to all family members and comrades, to the Cuban people and all oppressed peoples of the world!!

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