Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Cephesi (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front) Statement (New statement connected with the guerrillas martyred in Dersim)

Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Cephesi (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front) Statement
(New statement connected with the guerrillas martyred in Dersim)
Statement: 468
Date: 13.01.2017

On November 7, 2016 a group of guerrillas connected to our DHKC Ibrahim Erdogan Rural Guerrilla Unit were bombarded in their shelter by aircraft of the oligarchic, collaborationist fascist army. We have been informed by some of our comrades who got out the shelter alive that some of our comrades in the shelter were martyred.
We say to the oligarchy, where are the bodies of our martyrs and what did you do with them?
We will not allow the policies of Israel to be practised in Turkey. Israel does not hand over the bodies of Palestinian martyrs, the oligarchy of Turkey mutilates and burn the corpses of our martyrs and also attacks our funerals.
The oligarchy of Turkey practises the methods it has learned from Israel on our dead. It does not hand over dead bodies and does not explain what happened to our martyrs.
All the mountains of Anatolia are ours and all the mountains of Anatolia will echo to the sounds of our guerrillas’ weapons.
Listen to our mountains, our people, in these mountains the guerrillas are building up your hopes. You will hear the ever louder sound of hope in the sounds of guerrilla gunfire.
Watch our mountains, enemies of the people, in the flames of revolution we have lit in these mountains you will see the collapse of your palaces and sultanate.
Those who bombard our mountains do not belong to our soil, those who bombard our shelters are not people of our soil,
We will uproot and drive out a handful of American collaborators from our soil,
These massacres and hostility to the people are about suppressing the menace of revolution within, while without pushing Turkey into greater servitude to American imperialism. Today the oligarchy’s fascist army is acting as America’s occupation force in Iraq and Syria. We and our people will not allow ourselves to be used as the occupation force of imperialism in the Middle East like Israel is!
We have shed a great deal of our blood for the soil of Anatolia, we will continue to do so, in the mountains of Dersim the voices of our martyrs are the voices of our people’s liberation.
If our blood that you have shed is a deluge, we will not leave the soil of Anatolia to a handful of American collaborators, bourgeois parasites, exploitative merchants and feudal landlords.
We are the people, we are People’s Liberation Fighters.
Birds may forget to fly, fish may forget to swim
But we will never forget our promise to WAGE WAR UNTIL LIBERATION,
and we will not forget the faces of the murderers who shed the blood of our martyrs. O AKP, American collaborator servants who daydream about putting an end to us: the guerrillas are the people in arms. We are 80 million, you are a handful of collaborationist parasites, do not dream empty dreams, you cannot put an end to the people!
We are building up our war by adding new prisoners to our prisoners, new martyrs to our martyrs. This is the reality of war. We are fighting within this reality and we are building up our will to spread this war to all the mountains, all the cities.
We have received new information about martyrs from Dersim.
Date: November 7, 2016, a group of our guerrillas connected to the DHKC Ibrahim Erdogan Rural Guerrilla Unit were bombarded in their shelter by the oligarchy’s collaborationist fascist army. Three of our guerrillas escaped alive from the shelter – Leyla Araci, Mahir Bektas and Oguz Mese. The names of our guerrillas who were martyred in the shelter have not been established. Fascism has still not disclosed the identities of our comrades. It is still not known what was done with their bodies. We want a statement and we want their remains.
Date: December 7, 2016, one of our fighters from the DHKC Ibrahim Erdogan Rural Guerrilla Unit, Oguz Mese, set out with weapon and bombs to cause them to explode in the enemy’s brain, and demand a reckoning for those who were martyred in the shelter. The action showed DHKC guerrillas cannot be defeated and announced that guerrilla behaviour cannot be defeated. Oguz continued the tradition in the countryside of demanding a reckoning on behalf of martyred comrades, no matter what.
Date: December 28, 2016 – our Cephe (Front) guerrillas Leyla Araci and Mahir Bektas, who survived the destruction of the shelter, entered into a clash with the oligarchy’s fascist army and in the enemy’s words made them “spit blood”, inflicting losses on the enemy for the comrades martyred in the shelters and were martyred while demanding a reckoning from the oligarchy’s fascist and murderous army.
The collaborationist oligarchy of Turkey which serves America dreams of driving Cephe guerrillas out of the mountains.
They know that the proliferation of Cephe guerrillas in the mountains means the end of the oligarchy’s rule. They know that if they can extinguish the hope, the rotten system can extend its life a while longer.
And we know this too!
We also know that every guerrilla wandering the mountains is the harbinger of the oligarchic system’s end. We know that we will defeat fascism in Anatolia in all its mountains and cities with the sound of the weapons fired by our guerrillas and militia. We will tear down the oligarchic government with our guerrillas and militia.
This is why we are struggling to build up our guerrillas and our militia in the countryside and the cities. Up to the present, many of us have gone into the mountains of our country and we have many martyrs and many prisoners. We know that it is a war, a war of willpower, we know that if we retain our willpower this means above all that we will win the war.
Guerrilla experience from all over the world proves the truth of this. The fantasy of the oligarchy of putting an end to the guerrillas of the Cephe is a vain one, like a hungry chicken dreaming of a storehouse of millet.
The guerrillas of the Cephe will be found, not only in the mountains of Dersim, but all the mountains. The guerillas of the Cephe will not just conquer the tops of the mountains, but will be a nightmare for you. You will not just see them on the mountain tops, but in the doorways of your palaces.
This is the reality of People’s Liberation War. The oligarchy cannot escape from this truth, nor can the people of Anatolia escape the struggle for power, building up the war in the mountains and in the cities. Our People’s Liberation War will proceed within the framework of the class struggle and reach its goal.
American imperialism wants the oligarchy of Turkey to struggle for its own policies of exploitative occupation. The AKP government does what is necessary. This is the truth underlying the fake confrontation with America. The fake confrontation with America serves to cover up American interest in profiting from Syria’s resources. The MHP and the AKP work hand in hand to serve America, trying to cover up the reality that they are shedding the blood of the peoples of Anatolia in the Middle East, and to do so they are unanimously pretending to oppose America. And they know that the force that will prevent the people of Anatolia being an occupation force on behalf of America is the Parti-Cephe (Party-Front). The massacres in the mountains, in the cities, the attacks on poor neighbourhoods, the torture, the waves of arrests directed at the Cephe are motivated by this. Whatever they do, we will not permit the people of Anatolia to be used like Israel is as an American military force in the service of imperialism against the peoples of the Middle East. We will not permit the blood of the children of Anatolia to be spilled in order to benefit America. We will not permit the children of Anatolia to be murderers of the Arab people.
The interior minister of the fascist oligarchy, the bratty Suleyman, was cheered by the murder of our guerrillas and said, “We have finished them off.” We have not been finished off, Suleyman. And the Cephe has not been finished off. We were not finished off by you locating our shelter and bombing it. Even after bombing the shelter, you were afraid to approach it. We remain standing with the courage of the struggle, while you were too afraid to even approach the corpses of our martyrs.
You perish in the midst of your fear, while we are strong because of our historical rightness.
Even if there were not a single member of the Cephe on the face of the earth, even if all members of the Cephe were eliminated in a single night, the ideology of the Parti-Cephe would be reborn from the ashes. For this reason we have not the slightest fear of death. For this reason we are so powerful in the face of our enemy.
You are powerless and fearful because you are enemies of the people, we are the people and we fight for the people, this is why we are strong.
You, the servants of America, are being made to fight in a country that is not yours. You are weak, cowardly and afraid of every stone, of the ground, of the street, the children, young and old of Anatolia.
You bomb, you burn, you murder but you are the ones who are afraid. You continue to be afraid of the guerrillas of the DHKC. Look, from these mountains that you burn and destroy, a commander of the DHKC, Leyla Araci, explains your fear thus:
“The enemy is fearful and pathetic. They did not go to the place where we were, they did not disembark by helicopter, they did not have the courage to confront us, the guerrillas of the DHKC, nor will they. They bomb, they spray gunfire, they burn. They are so cowardly that they burn all the mountains. Only after that did they disembark, and then they left quickly. “
We fight on our own ground, this is our people, this land with its mountains, its rocks, wolves and birds is our land. With our young people and old, women, men, children, it is ours. We are strong because we are fighting for our land.
We are the ones who are strong! Because strength is not something measured with numbers or with weapons. Strength is in your heart, in your awareness, in the people and who is in the right. Strength is in being right, politically and historically. We are strong because ours is a war of people’s liberation.
Winning and losing, dying and killing, we make our struggle grow..
The road of revolution in Turkey was shown by Mahir’s generation. When they were killed, new Mahirs grew, they became experts in building up the struggle. We will make ourselves experts in fighting the Neros and Herods. Our revolutionary struggle expands and develops with the strength we receive from our martyrs.
History has countless times described the end of minorities like yours, a handful of exploiters, the destruction of your sultanates, but this history will never write about the end of the people. There can be no end to the people!
We will get back the dead bodies, we will not allow you to use the policies of Israel in Turkey.
What did you do with our fallen? Where are the bodies of our dead? Reveal it?
For some time we had no news from our unit in Dersim, in the Hozat area. We learned the reason through a note our comrade Leyla Araci wrote and sent to us before she was martyred. The shelter in which a group of guerrillas belonging to the DHKC Ibrahim Erdogan Rural Guerrilla Unit was bombed by the enemy on November 7, 2016. Our comrade Leyla Aracı described the situation in her letter in the following way:
“With the belief in being able to demand a reckoning for our martyrs, we embrace you with the promise that there will never be an end to the guerrillas in the mountains…
We are continuing to step up the war.
I am writing this note quickly and with few resources
We do not know if you are aware we are alive here. We do not know how many have been martyred or if there are wounded survivors. We do not know if you have received any of the fallen or if they have received adequate funeral rites for our tradition and we are very concerned about this. … But what is important for you to know is that the enemy could not achieve his objective… We will rush even faster to demand a reckoning from the enemy.”
According to the information sent to us my our commander Leyla, it is highly likely that part of the guerrillas who were in the shelter were martyred. If any were wounded and got out alive, this will be known to the people, the mountains and the stones of Dersim. On the part of the enemy there has been no statement about what was down with our fallen comrades. As has been done on numerous occasions, it is possible that they mutilated the dead bodies of our comrades before interring them in common graves.
We say to the AKP government, enemies of the people: reveal where our dead are.
In wars it is a moral necessity to hand over dead bodies to their friends or kin. But the oligarchy lacks such morality, for this reason it has not handed over the dead bodies of our comrades to their kin. Up to today there has been no declaration of the names of those murdered. On November 7, 2016, the governor of Dersim stated that a shelter had been bombed in the Dersim/Hozat/Daloren zone. The statement said five people had been killed. But they did not announce the names of our dead, nor what had been done with them. They gave no information to their families. We call on AKP fascism to reveal where our dead are.
Israel does not hand over the bodies of martyrs to their families. It is practising a deliberate policy. They know that when they attack the values of a people, the values of that people are worn down morally. The attack on martyrs is done for this reason. Fascism does not have values, and does not have them in relation to martyrs. They are capable of attacking the corpses of our dead and mutilating them. This is what Israel does, and this is what the oligarchy of Turkey is also doing.
In Turkey, fascism makes itself known in this way. The corpses of our fallen are mutilated, their naked bodies are dragged along the ground, their ears are cut off, they are burned, they are not handed over to next of kin, the are buried in unknown paces, in common graves, to prevent funeral ceremonies the corpses are made to disappear, they are buried secretly. The graves of our martyrs are attacked, the tombstones are broken. The methods of fascism are exactly the same. Because both spring from the same lineage. Both are children of American imperialism.
We will not allow Israeli policy to be applied in our country. We will not allow our fallen to be buried in secret. Sons of America, brothers of Israel, you will not corrupt the moral values of Anatolia. You cannot break the will of the people of Anatolia to show solidarity with the bodies of their martyrs.
The roots of American imperialism, Israel, the oligarchy of Turkey are sunk into a history of cruelty and exploitation. The attack on the graves of those who resist them, those who struggle against their oppressive and exploitative order, was learned from this history.
The right to a grave, the respect for death, the duty of loyalty to them.
Those who respect the dead will also respect the living.
The Arabic word mezar means “place that is visited” and is defined in the dictionary as “ place where bodies are buried, tomb, grave, burial”. This means the place that is visited is the place where the dead are buried.
And in Latin, the word humanitas comes from humando meaning “burying”. What this means in Latin is “a being that can be buried”. Because the human being is the only one that buries his or her own dead in nature. The anthropologist Eva Domaska describes the relationship between history and graves and says, “If death did not exist there would be no history. History is nourished by death, history begins with graves.” This means that those who attack funerals also attack our humanity and our historical consciousness. Like many peoples of the world, the peoples of Anatolia attribute great significance to the dead, approach them with loyalty and respect and bury them or wish to bury them in ways they consider correct according to their traditions or beliefs.
In popular culture, to “leave the dead on the ground” or “leave the dead unburied” is considered ugly and shameful. Because the dead and graves are like roots that the people sink into the earth, their ascendancy, descendency and historical consciousness.
The imperialism and fascism of America, Israel or the oligarchy in Turkey attacks and mutilates our martyrs for this reason. Like historical lineage, they want to tear us away from our roots, our history. Since the most ancient epochs in human history, the ruling class has not confined itself to the biological killing of those who raise their heads and oppose it. To prevent the bodies of those they kill being transformed into moral meanings and signifiers they use all kinds of methods to kill them politically and symbolically.
Spartacus was tortured and murdered and as a public example they crucified and exposed him for days to be seen by other slaves. The imperialist bandits who killed Che in Bolivia first displayed his body in a rural house as a lesson and then buried his body in secret to stop people finding the place. Baba Ishak, Borkluce Mustafa, Bedreddin, Pir Sultan and other were murdered and then their bodies shown to the people without respect and they were buried amid insults.
The laws recognise the right to be buried in a grave. The family’s right to mourn for the deceased is also recognised. In the same way it is considered an offence to insult the moral character of the deceased. But for fascism this is of no importance, for the politics of fascism do not take even their own laws into account if these are inconvenient.
Its goal is to humiliate the living, devaluate them, intimidate them. Up to the present they have not achieved their objective, nor will they in future. Nor have they succeeded in making the people lose their values, for Spartacus, Che, Pir Sultan are the heroes of the people and they will not succeed in their goal in the future either.
We have traced all the comrades that the oligarchy caused to disappear and we have done what is necessary to locate them. We carried out a hunger strike to find the place where the oligarchy had secretly buried our comrade Ali Yildiz. We resisted for days in order to hold funerals for our martyrs Sibel Yalcin, Hasan Ferit and Gunay Ozarslan in the form that we wish. We will resist again and rebury our comrades in a form that accords with our traditions. We will not surrender to cruelty, imperialism or fascism.
Our martyrs are our history and our future. We will be responsible to our history and our future.

Anatolia wants a solution to shortages and hunger
Anatolia Wants Democracy Against Fascism, Justice Against Massacres
Anatolia Wants Independence Against Imperialist Occupation
That’s why Mahir, Leyla and Oguz, are in the mountains, that’s why they’ll be in the mountains. Fascism has turned Anatolia into a lake of blood.
Fascism has turned Anatolia into a torture centre, a prison. Fascism has made Anatolia the country of the poor and the hungry. Fascism has turned Anatolia into the hell of drugs, the hell of prostitution where women’s bodies are sold, in a market of human beings.
Those who, like Leyla, Oguz and Mahir did not accept this national panorama, went to the mountains because they wanted to change it. New people like Leyla, Oguz and Mahir who do not accept this national panorama will continue to go up to the mountains to build up the hope of liberation for our people.
Let’s see what fascism has done for us in a year:
Murder in the streets, in the mountains, in our houses … Murder while at work!
In the year 2016, for not obeying the order to stop or as a result of indiscriminate fire, 341 people were killed, 396 people were injured.
Workers in the mining sector were back in their mine shafts. In Sirvan, 16 workers were trapped underground.
In Adana they burned our children.
According to data from the health and safety at work assembly, up to December 1, 2016, 1,816 workers were killed.
They torture, detain and imprison.
1,622 persons, in detention and outside places of detention, were subjected to torture.
From July to now more than 90,000 people have been detained. More than 36,000 people were arrested. More than 100,000 journalists and writers were arrested. At the moment 146 journalists and writers are still under arrest.
10 members of parliament and 50 mayors have been arrested.
The total number of prisoners in prisons in Turkey exceeds 200,000.
As a result of the attacks on meetings and demonstrations, about 1,500 people were injured. 352 meetings and demonstrations were attacked.
There are hundreds of thousands of court charges pressed against artists, illustrators, actors, academics, writers and journalists.
They make us emigrate from our homes, from our land.
As a result of the prohibitions on going out into the Street, 500,000 have emigrated from their homes.


The number of websites closed is 116, 126.
Along with the state of emergency, five news agencies, 28 television stations, 34 radio stations, 62 newspapers, 19 newspapers, 29 publishers, a total of 177 media outlets have been closed.
They take away our work and our bread.
More than 100,000 officials were suspended, about 80,000 fired.
The government of the AKP punishes those who speak out by investigating them, those who seek their rights with arrests and imprisonment, those who resist and do not surrender with death.
Oppression is in the breathing of our hungry babies
Oppression is on the streets of our slums
Oppression is on the neck of our Kurdish people
Oppression is in the resisters’ cells in the prisons
Oppression wields its arm against 80 million people …
The Fascism of the AKP is the Architect of this Construction of Hunger, Shortages, Exploitation and Oppression
Your war is aimed at continuing this
The struggle of the Mountain Falcons like Leyla, like Mahir, like Oguz, is to end this oppressive order, to found an Anatolia without hunger and without oppression
There Is Oppression, But There Are Falcons In Our Forests.
There is Oppression, But There Will Be War Against Imperialism, Against the Turkish Oligarchy, Against Fascism.
The Fight Until Liberation is the Most Essential Artery Of The People!
Resist, Organise, Get Armed And Fight!
We know that we fight against an enemy of the people, against an enemy without morality. We know that we are fighting against an enemy whose ideology and morals come from the training they have received from the American army.
We know that we fight against American imperialism that has forged its fame in the four corners of the world, with its tortures, its massacres, its savagery and its collaborationist servants. We know that we fight against a power that tries to suffocate with torture and savagery the struggle of the peoples of the world against imperialism and its servants, the struggle for independence, people’s democracy and the socialist struggle. We announce that by mutilating our fallen, murdering, burning, they will not undermine our perseverance in building up our struggle, and they will not be able to eliminate it.
Neither by murdering tens, hundreds or thousands of us will they be able to stop our People’s Liberation War, they will not be able to win this war. Because they cannot eliminate it, they cannot stop the development of a movement whose resistance is a tradition so strong, whose struggle has become a character trait. Our roots are so strong that those who dream of eliminating us will need to eliminate history. The cruel ones have no roots, their stink in the pages of history comes from the parasitic classes that were buried under the destroyed kingdoms. Once again they will be buried under the palaces and sultanates that were demolished.
From Kizildere until now DEATH DOES NOT EXIST FOR US. They can shoot us and we can fall, ONE GOES, WE COME BACK A THOUSAND. Because we are the ones who say WAR until liberation. They burned us alive, they killed dozens, they threw us down wells, but they could not eliminate us, they could not stop us. Because HEROES DO NOT DIE AND THE PEOPLE ARE NOT DEFEATED.
The People Are Not Defeated Because After A Setback They Rise Again And Fight, The Defeat Of Fascism Means Its Disappearance, It Cannot Stand Up Again, Because We Can Erase From Our Land The Remnants Of Fascism, And We Will Erase Them.
We say to the AKP fascist government that; The guerrillas who were murdered on November 7 and whose bodies, even dead, you were afraid of, will continue to keep clean the mountains of our country, for the invincibility of the people and for our war of liberation. Their names will be the war names of our new guerrillas, their new weapons, new guerrillas will join them. The Mahir you assassinated took his name from Mahir Cayan, his codename was Safak. The code name of the Leyla that you assassinated was Cigdem. As long as you oppress and exploit, other Mahirs, other Safaks, other Cigdems will take hold of people’s justice and go out to fight, that is, to render an account for your cruelty. And the brave sons of the people of Anatolia announce that we will not surrender ourselves in the mountains nor in the cities, no matter what the cost will be we will continue fighting.
Fascism is the enemy of the people!
Arming ourselves, fighting, dying, killing, we will end the government of fascism!
No cruel and fascist dictatorship has fallen by itself. It is necessary to resist, to organise, to arm and to fight. In our country the most vital artery of the people is linked to the struggle. Not to fight is to disappear. War is not our choice. Fascism allows no other way of life to those who say “I am a revolutionary, I am a democrat, I am part of the people.”
It leaves them no other possibility of life, because fascism without further exploiting the people, and as a consequence without further oppression, has no other possibility of existing. The system of oppression has come to an end. Every day the economic crisis increases, in order to maintain the system of oppression, it is necessary to step up repression. Either fascism or the people! The existence of fascism implies our end as a people, to live we must overcome fascism, there is no other way than to make it disappear.
The campaigning of all the powers of the state at war with the people, is the signal that they cannot direct the bombings in our cities and mountains.
The reason for the lack of direction is the crisis. Crisis means revolution. In our country the revolution, the objective conditions for the government of the people, are now stronger than at any other time. Let us arm ourselves for the revolution, organise ourselves along the lines of the Cephe, as guerrillas, as militia, and fight. Let us know that, as a people, we are the ones who are strong. We have the strength to defeat fascism.
As people we will not be defeated, it is fascism that will be defeated. Our Way is the Way of the Revolution.
Note 1:
From October 7 to this date the names of the guerrillas of whom we have not obtained news are the following;
Kenan Gunyel, Naciye Yavuz, Hunkar Derya Gunes, Mustafa Dogru, Huseyin Gulmez, Tuncel Ayaz, Murat Gun, Aysun Saban, Bunyamin Kilic, Melih Isik.
Relatives and relatives of our martyrs must submit an application to the Governorate of Tunceli to know their whereabouts.
Note 2:
We publish some parts of the Last Letter of our Commander and Martyr Leyla Araci:
(…)With the belief that an account will be rendered for our martyrs, we embrace you with the promise that there will never be an end to the guerrillas in the mountains…
We are continuing to step up the war.
I am writing this note quickly and with few resources (…)
We do not know if you are aware we are alive here. We do not know how many have been martyred or if there are wounded survivors. We do not know if you have received any of the fallen or if they have received adequate funeral rites for our tradition and we are very concerned about this. … But what is important for you to know is that the enemy could not achieve his objective… We will rush even faster to demand a reckoning from the enemy.
I write what we experienced.
On Monday, November 7, our shelter was bombed.
I was in the small shelter.
At that moment Comert came to my side.
Along with the sound of Safak and Comert’s reply saying okay, I’m going, there was a large explosion…
It lifted me off the ground and threw me, I somersaulted, and it was as though a ball of fire had fallen into my hands… I heard the shout of Comert, “We are burning, sister!”. I opened my eyes and we were among flames. Comert shouted, “Sister, run to the door”. What a door, everything was dark, a part of the place where we were sank. Automatically I stumbled to a place. I brushed fire away with my hands. I saw a small light, and headed there. I dug the earth away with my hands. The hole grew, the sun hit my eyes. I called Comert and Safak and both said they were fine.
…I thought of the other comrades. I started screaming “Where are you?”. I could not get his head out of the hole, while I tried to enlarge the hole from outside large stones and pieces of earth fall closing the hole. My foot was trapped somewhere, much earth will fall, it will close the hole, in a moment I thought I could not get out of there.
Safak arrived and got me out, along with Comert. We went outside, our shelter was a cemetery, a great silence, we cried, where you are, someone can hear us. No sound, no-one answered.
Safak insistently said, “Come on sister, we have to get away from here, the bombing will continue.” An enormous pain is very difficult to explain, we were leaving and my feet did not respond. On the one hand, I cried, on the other hand, I felt anger, full of anger and revenge on behalf of others …
Minutes before we were together, now they were under ground. Are there any survivors? What can we do? Thinking of those things again, the voice of Safak, “Let’s go, sister, let’s go away fast, the forest is burning … The flames surrounded us everywhere.”
Yes, we have to go. We do not forget our mission. They will not finish us, we have to continue the fight, we have to step it up. We promised, in the mountains of our country the guerrillas will not end.
I thought of our people, our movement. I thought about the justice and confidence they feel towards us. We cannot disappoint them, I said, and gradually we moved away.

Ten minutes passed as we moved away and there was a sound of bombs, they dropped them on our shelter, yes, if we had not gone away we would have been bombed

Now the Cobra helicopters are spraying machine-gun fire around…
Under the bombs and the bullets hiding under the trees, crouching, dragging ourselves, walking step by step we walked away.
We arrived at the reserve shelter, we took some necessary food supplies and we went our way … Safak’s face and his left hand, my face, my hair and my right hand had burned completely.

The enemy is not very intelligent, everything comes from the gaps that we left. The enemy is fearful and pathetic. They did not go to the place where we were, they did not disembark by helicopter, they did not have the courage to confront us, the guerrillas of the DHKC, nor will they. They bomb, they spray gunfire, they burn. They are so cowardly that they burn all the mountains. Only after that did they disembark, and then they left quickly.

What can three unarmed guerrillas do?
There is nothing that a guerrilla cannot do with will and faith. We went very far from our bombed camp. Although we walked far away we could see the smoke and the flames coming up. We stayed in places of thick forest. At night the air was like ice. Trembling we tried to sleep.

For three days we did not go to the bombing site. Does the enemy continue to machine-gun and search there? Will soldiers descend? We did not know. Again on November 9 we went directly towards there in the evening. On the night of November 9, when we entered that valley again, the flames were still burning.
Let’s go to the villages for news and some necessities, we said. And also go to the areas where our other guerrillas are, we can have news, we think. The one who knew the area best was Safak, but Safak’s glasses were broken and he could not see. Where was there a summit, he asked, where was there a path, he asked and when we answered he said, okay, then we will go here. We walked for four days, three guerrillas without weapons.

We saw in the eyes of our people the confidence they feel in us.
We entered a village.
“How did you get out of that fire? We saw from here the flames, the smoke, it burned for days, how many bombs did they drop? How did you survive? They looked at each other in great confusion.

In another village …
They gave me clothes, I changed and dried. We take bread with sugar.

The leaves fell and all the places opened. It snowed on the peaks. The moment the guerrillas retreat to the shelters.
But we could not stay. We passed places where we reached a summit, we looked, in front of us a barracks. We pass another summit, a village is seen in the distance. In a short time we passed dozens of places and villages … And without weapons …

We learned many things. What gives us strength is our fallen and our movement.
We talk a lot. We could have said, come on, let’s go to town and in the spring we will come back, but something like that did not happen to any of the three. None of the three of us thought of leaving the mountains and going back to wait, why? We talked about it. Of course, faith and the desire to be accountable for our martyrs, we said.
We had no weapons, we went to the villages and we sought air rifles, we asked to go to the areas where other left-wing groups were found, we looked for them, if we had found them we would have asked them something, even if we did not find them in caves and similar sites, but we never thought of leaving this place. Ten days went by and we said, Let’s go to our shelter and see, maybe under the ground are our fallen, perhaps we can reach our weapons. Yes, we were there. Who knows what we would find.

Ten days passed, we were going there. Even smoke rises and there is still a smell of burning. We entered carefully and the whole valley was full of smoke. It was upside down.

So the bomb fell on top of the big shelter. That is why we are saved. And we crawled inside. Their weapons were whole. After 10 days of wandering without arms we experienced the happiness of reunion with them.

I love you very much, my people, my organisation, I love my colleagues very much.
I have you all before my eyes …
We are not alone here, we are with you. We will continue to boost hope … Do not worry about us … Take care …
With faith in asking for an account for our martyrs again, and with enthusiasm I embrace you …
The comrades who were in the shelter during the bombing of November 7;
Kenan Gunyel,
Mustafa Dogru,
Huseyin Gulmez,
Tuncel Ayaz,
Murat Gun,
Melih Isik,
Bunyamin Kilic,
Naciye Yavuz
Hunkar Derya Gunes,
Aysun Saban

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