Event for Solidarity for academician political prisoner Nuriye Gülmen held in Vienna

Event for solidarity for academician political prisoner

Nuriye Gülmen held in Vienna

On the 19th January, an exhibition and conference was held at the venue of the Austrian Trade Union Federation in Vienna to demand Freedom for imprisoned academic and Yüksel* resister  Nuriye Gülmen.
In the course of the event several educational facilities,  unions,  independent trade unionists were invited.
The program started at 7.00 pm. Visitors who entered the large room first watched the exhibition with 32 pictures of the Yüksel resistance in chronological order with German and Turkish titles..
After a short opening and welcome message, solidarity messages were read,  among others of the rector of the academy of fine arts and a member of the younion- The Union of Existence.
It was also mentioned that solidarity messages were sent from EFKA WORKERS ASSOCIATION OF ATTICA & ISLANDS (SE – IKA) and Panhellenic Union of Retired Teachers.
Following, the program continued with the speech of Beyza Gülmen,  the sister of Nuriye, who first talked about her family situation and how difficult it was to finance the study. Beyza Gülmen then talked on the developments from the period of the coup attempt, solidarity with the resistance of her sister until today.
After some of the participants asked questions to Beyza about the reasons given for dismissals  and the solidarity now, revolutionary worker Türkan Albayrak exclaimed about her experiences with the emergency state and hiw her and Nuriye’s resistance effected each other.
After short solidarity speeches from a particpant of the Austrian Teachers’ Initiative and KOMintern- Communist Trade Union Initiative International, the subtitled video speech of Nuriye Gülmen’s lawyer Oğuzhan Topalkara was listened. At the event also a online petition for Nuriye was signed by participants and people were invited to swnd letters for Nuriye.
* During the emergency state directly announced by the AKP government after the coup attempt in 2016, a sit-in was started by Nuriye Gülmen against the dismissals of over 100.000  public servan

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