Event was held in Greece dedicated to law cases of revolutionaries

On February 1 the event took place in Greece dedicated to the law cases that we have in Greece — the imprisonment for our comrades Halil Demir and Şadi Naci Özpolat and the generally attacks that we face from the collaboration of Greek State with US-EU imperialism and Turkish fascism. 75 people participated In the event.

Konstantina Kartsioti made introduction for the committee of solidarity to the revolutionaries from Turkey. Halil Demir – political prisoner from Chania prisons joined event via telephone communication. There were also performances made by lawyer Panagiotis Antoniou – Defense attorney in the Chalkida case, lawyers Ioanna Kurtovic, Thanasis Kabayannis, Defense Attorneys in the Case of the 11.

Representatives of the following organizations and groups that are part of the committee:

KKE m-l
Constant Struggle
Worker’s Group T-34

Political prisoner Thanos Chatziangelou sent a greeting text from Larissa prison.

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