The legal representative of Leonard Peltier has just sent the following message.

We just heard from Leonard, finally. He only had a few minutes. These lockdowns are getting to him. He is living a nightmare.
He asked for our help. Please circulate this to your people. The Bureau of Prisons is violating Constitutional law. The most glaring example is the 8th Amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. Solitary confinement lasting longer than 48 hours is defined as torture and is illegal both domestically and internationally. They have no cleaning supplies. They run out of toothpast, shampoo, soap. No commissary means no bottled water. The tap water is tainted. The food shoved through their doors is left out all day and spoils. EVERYONE is either sick from bad food, bad water, or has infections from the filth they are forced to live in. Healthcare is not a thing. Inmates at Coleman 1 have resorted to pulling their own teeth.
Congress, the Senate, and the Attorney General have a duty to provide meaningful oversight and ensure the BOP adheres to Constitutional law. They have abandoned this duty.
If they are contacted a certain number of times they must respond, but the number is high. I need to check, but I believe it is 3000. WE CAN DO THIS. To find your representative, visit: Find Your Representative | house.gov
To contact the AG and Biden, go to the Action Network on our website: www.freeleonardpeltiernow.org
#FreeLeonardPeltier NOW NOT ONE MORE YEAR
Thank you for your support.

Take action for freedom for Leonard Peltier! 47 years political prisoner in USA prisons! Photo in front of US imperialism embassy in Athens! He is in conditions of lockdown isolation.He has not seen a dentist in ten years!They have sentenced him to Death by Incarceration.

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