The People’s Front (Turkey) Took Part in the First Activity of Greek Anarcho-Communist “Movement of Uninterrupted Struggle for the Class Liberation”

The Movement of Uninterrupted Struggle has been recently formed and they dedicated the first activity of their new bureau to the 11 revolutionaries from Turkey.

The panel was titled “A Conversation on the Unlimited Hunger Strike Action and the Victory of the 11 Revolutionaries” and took place at 7pm on the 2nd of February.

The panelist’s were Hazal Seçer, Harika Kızılkaya, Halil Demir, Burak Ağarmış, Hasan Kaya, İsmail Zat who were released from prison due to the victory of 97 days long hunger strike and Konstantina Kartsioti from the Anti-Imperialist Front Greece.
The panel was commenced with reading of a statement by the Movement of Uninterrupted Struggle. And followed by a video show about the 11 revolutionaries.
Konstantina Kartsioti talked about the police operation which took place with the order of imperialism and the cooperation of the Greek state and fascism in Turkey. Following that the summary of the three-year long campaign to free the 11 revolutionaries from Turkey was summarised.
The first revolutionary of the resistance who took the stage was Halil Demir and talked about the political results of the 97 day long hunger strike that ended with victory.
The subtitles of these political results:
– The terror demagogy of imperialism and it’s collaborators was averted.
– The fact that the revolutionaries are not terrorists was accepted by the court.
– During the first trial Turkey’s rule was described as a democratic one. The final court accepted that Turkey is ruled by fascism.
– It was proven that revolutionism isn’t terrorism and revolutionaries are not terrorists.
– It was shown to both friends and enemies that the way to achieve victory is resistance and only those who have the determination to resist till end can achieve victory.
– It was shown that how the Greek courts sentenced the revolutionaries to 333 year long imprisonment and the level of injustice is such establishments.
– It was shown how the Greek state collaborated with fascism.
Following Halil, Harika Kızılkaya talked about the concrete achievements of the victory.
The concrete achievements:
– One of the most important demands was to be tried justifiably and this demand was accepted by the court of arbitration. The judges had to accept that the first court was not conducted in a justified manner.
– The demand of being released pending trial of the 11 revolutionaries was achieved with the exception of 1 revolutionary.
– During the first trial, the brutal and tortuous attitude of the police officers securing the court changed during the court of arbitration.
– The prison administration and wardens’ attitude changed due to the determined resistance of the revolutionary captives.
– In the beginning of the resistance, the isolation of Hazal Seçer and Harika Kızılkaya in cells was ended due to resistance.
– On the 57th day of the resistance, the demand of the revolutionaries to stay in the same prison was accepted. The plan was to disperse them.
– For years in Greek prisons there were no collective resistance and the support hunger strikes by both political and non-political prisoners and their participation in signing declarations were achieved.
Hazal Seçer took stage after Harika Kızılkaya.
Hazal Seçer explained the threat of forced intervention and torture she was enduring during the early weeks in Thiva prison. She continued saying that how hunger strikes become a powerful weapon for the people and all who fight for justice. She explained how they carried out the hunger strike action.
Following Hazal, Burak Ağarmış informed the participants about the solidarity actions both in Greece and the rest of the world, and the 3-year long campaign of “Freedom for 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey”. He also talked about the support hunger strikes carried out by 205 prisoners.
Hasan Kaya talked about the participation in the trials and called upon all to complete the victory by also freeing the remaining captive Sinan Oktay Özen.
İsmail Zat thanked all those who attended the activity and those who had shown their support and highlighted that solidarity should be accumulated drop by drop to make it continuous.
The meeting continued with a question and answer session.
More than 30 people took part in the meeting.
Peoples Front (Turkey)

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