This is not an earthquake but the wreckage of imperialism’s policies

We express our condolences to all the families and the people of the region affected by the strong earthquake in Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, various other cities in Turkey and Syria, which has caused many casualties.

After every earthquake, on the one hand there are the parties of the system, who are circling around the dead and competing for the votes of the poor people like vultures with their fake rescue works, and on the other hand there are the revolutionaries, the revolutionary forces who are on the side of the people, who try to heal the wounds of the people and compete for help.

It is becoming clearer every day that this system and its local executors have nothing to give to the people, that they do not make a single investment for infrastructure in risky earthquake zones, that they feed the real estate mafia that builds houses with cheap materials for rent and threatens the safety of the people.

While doing this, they dismiss the people’s architects who exposed and resisted this situation in Düzce.

They imprison the people’s engineers who work day and night for the poor to live a safer and more comfortable life, who produce an alternative to this rotten system based on profit…

They target revolutionaries who support the relatives of those who lost their lives in “secret” massacres labelled as natural disasters, persecute and terrorise their lawyers who fight for justice.

As long as this system, which is based on profit, continues to reign with attacks on revolutionaries who speak the truth and strive to put an end to this oppression by demanding justice, the wounds of the people will continue to bleed and unfortunately new disasters await the weakest among us.

We express our condolences to the poor people who lost their loved ones and all their possessions in this terrible earthquake, the effects of which are still continuing.

Anti-Imperialist Front

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