Anti-Imperialist Front’s Brochure for imperialism’s disinformation and lies about Iran

Imperialism Wants To Implement The colourRevolutıonThat Took Place In Ukraine And Rojava And A NEW ROJAVA In
For weeks now, the bourgeois media of imperialism has been reporting Mahsa Amini’s “suspicious death at the police station” and the subsequent events, the people’s uprising. According to reports, a young “Kurdish woman” was detained by the morality police for not covering her head correctly, taken to the police station; then she died. According to the imperialist press, she was tortured and died. According to the Iranian state, she died of a heart attack.
Click here to read and download the brochure:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QVQgmKHXQnQPwzI_PmLd_I8inQV29P8j/view?usp=sharing

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