Free Grup Yorum Greece: Grup Yorum member Ali aracı’s hearing was seen at Istanbul Çağlayan courthouse on 9th June

The court, which we saw that there was no justice in fascism law by extorting the right of defense in the court that was affiliated through SEGBİS, was moved to 3rd September.
Ali Aracı, member of Grup Yorum, was connected to the hearing with the SEGBİS from the closed prison of Silivri 9, where he was detained. Connecting to the hearing with SEGBİS is a concrete example of the extortion of right to defense. Ali Aracı who was connected to the hearing with SEGBİS said” Before I was trialled and released from this file in your court.” There is no reason for me to be detained right now. Although the statements about me are contradictory, they are essentially only referring to me being a member of Grup Yorum. I’m accused of being in charge of the Grup Yorum choir. Of course, I was the choir responsible, I’m a artist. I am a performer, without exaggerating who has performed in Sıhhiye and to millions in Bakırköy. Of course I will perform my art. We keep getting arrested on this case with the same allegations.Helin Bölek and Ibrahim Gökçek were also trialled in this case and released.These two young artists had to be on a death fast for a simple right such as the right to a concert. We want to make our art and get a fair trial. ” he said.

The trial continued after Ali Aracı with the lawyers statements of attorney, and a decider was given for the verdict at the trial where Ali Aracı was held detained. In a period of five minutes, all statements were evaluated and Ali Aracı’s charge was decided to continue and the hearing was postponed until 3 September. Ali Aracı, who has been under arrest for 1 year for no reason, is shown why the state has issued colored lists to terrorize Grup Yorum. Today we have seen once again that there is no justice in this country. There is a ruling party afraid of folk songs. We have the sacrifices and lives paid to meet the demands of Grup Yorum. Helin Bölek, İbrahim Gökçek were martyred for justice. All we want is to sing our folk songs freely and to be able to do our art. We want freedom for the prisoned members. Ali Aracı is a folk artist, a public artist, a public child who spends all his efforts for the independence of his people and the country in order to make the folk songs of our people. The struggle will continue until all of the Grup Yorum members are released, fascism is doomed to be defeated , with SEGBIS unable to terrorize Grup Yorum with files that do not have a single concrete evidence, they cannot, and it is the struggle of the Grup Yorum that is justified and legitimate.There are bodies laid to death who resist for the sake of folk songs. The institutions and lawmakers who made promises to meet the Grup Yorum’s demands should take action.
Victory will be ours, we have resisted, we have won, we will continue to resist until victory.
Ali Aracı and members of the prisoned Grup Yorum be released immediately.
Accept Grup Yorum’s requests
All our people on 9thAugust, We invite you to the full independent Turkey concert that will take place 9. time. Fascism will be defeated, Grup Yorum will win, The Resistance will win.

Free Grup Yorum Greece

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