The People’s Lawyer Information about Ebru Timtik

Dear friends hello, Today 4 lawyer friends we was at the Silivri 9. Prison, we were with our dear colleague, our dear friend, Ebru Timtik. we have also seen our other lawyer friends, of course, they all have separate love and greetings to all our people. but Ebru Timtik’s situation is very special now Ebru Timtik’s on her 160th day of her death fast today we will tell you what we’ve seen, she looked very tired, ebru usually speaks very fluently, now she kept pausing while talking, she was forgetting what to say, as I said usually she speaks very fluen, ebru has lost almost half of her body mass, what does this mean? in terms of following days, Ebru’s health is increasing in danger the case file they were trialled in is now under review in the Supreme Court. you all know that. from here we call again to the Supreme Court and to all our colleagues to all our people to all the legal institutions that are following this process, our friends are on death fast with a very simple demand for their right to a fair trial and to say that this file is being upheld will mean the disappearance of the concept of fair trial in Turkey Because the file is full of errors in terms of both the method and the basis of the error is actually deliberate applications made the trial was not actually done deliberately in this file and our friends file is now in the Supreme Court We repeat, this is the elimination of the right to a fair trial in Turkey dear ebru says that we do this death fast not only for ourselves but for all our people because there is no law in Turkey And if this case is upheld, there won’t be a single legal shortage, and if this case is upheld, there won’t be a single legal shortage, Ebru says we want them to follow their own rules of law we want them to follow their own laws

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