From the Pen of Captive Lawyers – A Kind Of People Lives In Our Country – Att. Aytaç ÜNSAL

From the Pen of Captive Lawyers –
A Kind Of People Lives In Our Country – Att. Aytaç ÜNSAL
4th January 2021
“Like a kind of fish, a kind of tree, like a kind of mine, a kind of human being lives in our country.” Nazım Hikmet
I am writing to you again behind the prison walls. You know, they did not give me the right to be treated in a healthy and comfortable environment. The administration of the hospital where I received treatment, was threatened. I was discharged early.
They tried to evict us from the Judge House, where I wanted to stay with my family for two days, at 01:30 at night. They set up a headquarters on the street of the house where I stayed. They threatened those who entered the house.
They toured around my last house in armored vehicles. Then my house was raided. My belongings have been distributed. And finally, they tyrannized someone with health problems and ailments in front of the cameras. They made success stories from detaining and arresting me with health problems. Everyone does what suits their own morals, let them do it.
History records everything;
On the one hand, those who apply all kinds of tyranny towards the people, who kill the people with lies, those who try to suffocate Anatolia with injustice, who have been acting as if nothing had happened when a lawyer was tortured in front of the cameras; On the other hand, those who can die like singing a song without expecting anything from anyone for justice, those who can put their heads up for the rights of the people and all of us, and you, the people of this country, who are ‘like a precious mine’ as the master Nazım said.
Do not think about what we are doing. During this three month period, you looked at me more preciously than one can do.
Some of you shared the bites of your newborn baby with me. Some of you came to my visit from a long distance. Some of you put me in your son’s shoes, felt the pain with me with tears in your eyes. Some of you waited hours for my health and safety. Some of you shared a sofa with me in the one-room house. Some of you sent flowers. Despite all the costs and threats, some of you have opened their family, privacy, heart to me. All very precious and I will not forget any of them.
Yes, as the poet said, you are a special kind of tree, like a precious mine, but don’t think you are endangered. Just as our Anatolia is rich with its land and stones, it is so with its people. And just as they could not destroy this wealth by looting and looting for years, they could not and will not be able to defeat this wealth, our people. Do not despair. We will be millions. Our biggest problem is that we are buried in our own worlds with the daily life. We will go beyond that too.
They will never be able to defeat the honorable and dignified people of this country! We will realize that we have no one to trust but ourselves. When we come together, we will see how strong we are. Let’s continue to hold each other tightly, to embrace our hearts. Let’s never be afraid, let’s increase our consciousness, let’s protest injustice, let’s shout.
Let’s not forget, our day will come. And I’ll be with you again.
With my hopeful, faithful greetings from the depths of my heart.
I love you all.
We will win!
Aytaç Ünsal

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