Gökhan Yıldırım’s comrades demans his immediate releases for treatment

Video statements for the Immediate Release of Revolutionary Prisoner Gökhan Yıldırım on the 100th Day of his arbitrary Re-Arrest.

On the 100th Day of re-arrest of Gökhan Yildirim, who was in a death fast (256 days), together with teacher and Yüksel resister Sibel Balac (298 days) and political prisoner Ileri Kızılaltun (64 days) to gain first of all the right to a fair trial, the release of sick prisoners and the end to rights violations in prisons, actions were carried out and video statements were published to demand his immediate release for treatment and a fair trial.
After a great political victory of the death fast resistance, which was accompanied by the release of all resisters, the death fast was suspended.
Anyway the AKP government  ignored the decision which ordered the stay of execution of sentence for 6 months, following a report by the Forensic Medicine Institute. Gökhan was forcibly detained ans re-arrested by the AKP political police in the middle of the street though his treatment continued.
His comrades SIBEL and ILERI  who joined death fast together, as well Gökhan’s brother ERKAN who continued the struggle against these injustices, demand fair trial and Gökhan to be immediate releases for treatment!
  • End the trials carried out with digital evidence and secret witnesses and confessional witnesses.
  • End arbitrary disciplinary punishments.
  • Let sick prisoners be released.
  • End the restrictions on books and magazines in prison.
  • Full implementation of the right to conversations in prison.
  • Penalties for those who fight against corruption should be revoked.
  • The prison sentences given to us should be cancelled.
  • Our people’s struggle for rights and freedoms should not be hindered.
  • The aggravated life sentence law should be changed in favor of the prisoners.

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