Grup Yorum: We Won The Political Victory, The Whole World Heard Our Voices

Anti-Imperialist Front salutes the political victory of Grup Yorum and reiterates their demands. In the continuation we reproduce the official statement of Grup Yorum regarding the death fast resistance.

We Are Pausing Our Death Fast Resistance

May 5, 2020

This morning our member Ibrahim Gökçek paused the death fast resistance. Ibrahim took this decision along with all other members of Grup Yorum. This is the reason for pausing our 323-day march to victory:

In the first place, we had secured victory by deciding to resist to the death the attack of fascism aimed at destroying our group.

  • Our 323 days of resistance not only revived the hopes in the hearts of the peoples of Turkey that they wanted to destroy, but also caused significant repercussions in the world. Artists, writers, lawmakers, Alevi associations, the Left Party and our people have shown solidarity to Grup Yorum and frustrated the attacks aimed at terrorising it.
  • As a result of the negotiations with the Ministry of Justice and interior, TIHV (Turkish Human Rights Association) Chairman Şebnem Korur Fincancı, intellectuals and CHP-HDP-TIP parliamentary deputies vouched for Grup Yorum and declared that they would struggle until the permission to hold concerts was obtained and the imprisoned members were released.

This morning, through our lawyers, we applied to the governor’s office for a concert in three public squares of Istanbul. In addition, an application for an open-air concert on July 3 was made to Izmir municipality.

Upon these developments, we have decided to decimate our resistance to the death fast.

We have a concert promise for Helin and Ibrahim. We’ll keep that promise.

We will get our imprisoned members out of the clutches of fascism.

Long Live Resistance, Long Live Victory

Group Yorum Is The People And Cannot Be Silenced

Grup Yorum


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