International Internet Conference And Concert From The Anti-Imperialist Front

On Sunday May 3, an inter-access internet conference and concert on the theme of solidarity with the resistance was organised by the Anti-Imperialist Front.

The programme, which was attended by people and institutions from many countries in solidarity with the death fast resistance in Turkey, started at 19: 00 on Sunday evening. After the conference, which lasted until 21: 00, the programme was terminated again with the international internet concert.

About 17,000 people watched the conference live in the programme; from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria and Mexico there was participation by Anti-Imperialist Front components, as well as by the house of the resistance in Armutlu, Grup Yorum, the family of Mustafa Koçak, the People’s Law Bureau, anti-imperialist prisoner Şadi Özpolat, who is a member of the Anti-Imperialist Front in Greece, the European People’s Assembly, the Assembly of the European resistance, the Aramean People’s Assembly, Samidoun Solidarity Network With Palestinian prisoners  (Netherlands), Lawyers’ International Solidarity, Anti-imperialist Action Flying Column (Ireland), Filipino migrants in Austria, ILPS, MLPD (Germany), Banda Bassotti (Italy) and Alexey Albu from Borotba – Donbass.

The concert, which started after about two hours of the conference, included the band Grup Yorum, Hakan Akmaz, Haluk Tolga Ilhan, Efkan Şeşen, Ibrahim Karaca, Muzaffer Gezer, Gabriel Morena (Gibraltar), Nicolas (Chile), Pol Mac Adaim (Ireland) and Kostas Navarino (Greece).

Participants in the conference and concert offered their messages of support to the resistance of the death fast in Turkey, touched on the importance of inter-cultural solidarity and called on the Turkish state to accept the demands of the insurgents and stop the deaths.

Anti-Imperialist Front



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