Hunger For Justice Grows

To all friends and comrades in the world!

We want to unite this solidarity with one day hunger strike internationally. In Italy supporters of Grup Yorum and the struggle for justice already continue their solidarity hunger strike for a few weeks every Saturday. There were thousands of hunger strikers who participated at the same time in different coordinated 1 day hunger strike actions for Grup Yorum, People’s Lawyers and political prisoners on death fast in Turkey.

From now, as a great movement of solidarity we want to organize 1 day solidarity hunger strikes every Saturday in many different countries and ask everyone to join making a short notification about her/his participation, either by video message or photo, announcing country and also name of organisation if its not individual support.

In the end the number of hunger strikers every week will be published along with the participating countries…


Ebru – Aytac – Didem – Özgür


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