“Yorum’s Voice is all oppressed peoples’ voice”



During the police invasion of Idil culture centre, on October 21 2016, Grup Yorum’s instruments were destroyed. The fascist police attacks on Grup Yorum, because they don’t want the voice of free people to be heard. They broke the instruments, sending a message of hate. Erdogan’s fascist regime believes that arrests, terror and police brutality will stop the passion for freedom. It is wrong. The will, the ideals and the solidarity are our invincible weapons against fascism. Nobody can stop our strength, nobody can muzzle our voice. Even if they imprisoned us, even if they break our instruments we will continue to fight. We will continue to sing our revolution songs.Because we stand on the right side. Grup Yorum’s songs, are songs for revolutionaries all over the world. Grup Yorum must keep singing, and we must be part of their efforts to repair the damage. Grup Yorum’s instrument restoration is also our cause and our duty. At this hard time, we are not only an audience for their music, but comrades and allies. So we must support them, we must show our solidarity and send an international message of encouragement. Grup Yorum are singing for us and we must requite them for that. We call all comrades to support this international campaign for Grup Yorum, by replacing damaged or broken instruments. Send this message of solidarity, help revolutionary songs tο sound louder. YOU CAN BREAK INSTRUMENTS BUT YOU CANNOT BREAK THE FAITH. WE WILL WIN!

Antimperialist Front


Facebook: Anti Imperialist Front


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