International Reports – AIF TV News- 22nd May and 2nd June 2022

1-Death Fast resistance of political prisoners Sibel Balac and Gokhan Yildirim continues since 19th December 2021 for justice and fair trial

2-Journalist Özgül Emre whom has been recently arrested by the German police is on hunger strike

3-An action was carried out by Kämpfende Jugend (Fighting Youth) in Bremen protesting the arrest of Özgül Emre ve İhsan Cibelik in Germany

4-1st Anti-Imperialist international youth symposium organised by Dev-Genc (Revolutionary Youth) took place in Berlin on the 21-22 May 2022

5-Trial of lawyers of ÇHD and People’s Law Bureau Selçuk Kozağaçlı, Özgür Yılmaz, Oya Aslan and Barkın Timtik took place on 1st June 2022 in Istanbul

6-Nuriye Gülmen and Yasemin Karadağ has been jailed to 10 years

7-Akın Gürlek, previously a judge of AKP regime is the murderer of Ebru Timtik, who sentenced the people’s lawyers to 159 years in prison, was appointed as Deputy Minister of Justice by Tayyıp Erdogan

8-Torture and unfair trial victim Ayten Öztürk’s treatment is deliberately being prevented

9-The Facebook page of Anti-Imperialist Front once again has been censored by the Facebook Despite the efforts of censorship by the puppets of imperialism we kindly ask you to follow us on other social media accounts.

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