Justice Action Infront of Turkish Consulate in Greece

Friday (July 10th) at 19:00 in front of the Turkish Consulate in Athens, the people’s front made a statement for the demands of the death fast resistance to be accepted and to ask for the account of Grup Yorum members and Mustafa Koçak who were martyred in the death fast resistance. The statement, read in Greek, listed the demands and provided information about the death fast process. “We are right We will win” anthem was read out altogether. Turkish and Greek slogans were chanted in the action where the red flags fluctuated and the new song of Grup Yorum, Zafer Halay(Victory Dance)and Özgür Tutsak(Free Prisoner) anthem were played. Long Live Our Death Fast Resistance

People’s Lawyers Are Our Honor

Free Prisoners Are Our Honor

Down with fascism long live our struggle

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