Justice for Mustafa Koçak!

It’s a fight,
On one side; honour –
On the other side; There is betrayal and revenge…
in the middle of a fight…
Exactly two years ago, he found himself in the midst of this war, either to defend his honour or to keep on the side of the traitor and drag others into this quagmire.

Mustafa Koçak was detained in the operation that started with the statements of collaborator Berk Ercan in 2017. On average, 200 people have lived through the same processes. Perhaps, like the others, he could have been released after several sessions of the court, which resembled a theatre, with appearances in alphabetical order.

But for him, the process developed differently, for the anger of fascism was great… The action of Þafak Yayla and Bahtiyar Doðruyol against the prosecutor had raised the whole world to its feet, but it was not even clear how they entered the Great Palace of Justice. Fascism had to overcome the burden of its failure, the lack of achievement, it had to take it out on someone. This was the predicament of fascism that brought Mustafa into the middle of the fight, a scapegoat was needed for fascism, but someone had to be punished if it could not resolve this action. As long as the most powerful action of the last 20 years remained an enigma, not a single child of the people paid the price, fascism’s claims of “we have finished the organisation” would be empty…

So Mustafa Koçak was chosen… In fact, there was no special reason to choose him… Another victim was required for fascism. Just as it exonerated the killer of Berkin Elvan, now it had to create a killer from nothing.

Mustafa Koçak was detained on 23 September 2017. It was Berk Ercan who directed the police to his house. His house was raided at midnight and a 12-day detention process began. During these 12 days, they tried to get Mustafa Koçak to confess, and when he refused, threats and torture began. He was threatened as regards his family, threatened that his sisters would be raped. He was tortured with a tin being used on his head. Fascism was clearly threatening without the need to conceal itself. “Either you are a collaborator or you will darken your life”. That’s exactly what was said.

For six years the judiciary could not find Berkin Elvan’s killer. It took the judiciary just two years to give Mustafa Koçak a life sentence – they worked hard for that dossier. What the police said to Mustafa two years ago, is clear evidence of how the judiciary went to work int he case of the trial of Mustafa Koçak.

Mustafa was included in the prosecutor’s allegations of “providing weapons”, and the people’s fighters who had committed the action had already been killed. But this was not enough for fascism, more people could not be comfortable without drinking the blood of children…
During the course of a 2-year trial, the court had only three confessions. In the case of “supplying a gun” there was no concrete evidence in the file.

Berk Ercan did not have any empirical statements, and he reiterated this before the court and the President asked, “Is there any connection of Mustafa Koçak with the prosecutor action? Berk Ercan replied “I do not have any direct information in this direction”. He culd only claim Mustafa Koçak himself told him about it in a fast-food place…

The testimony of the three witnesses was not based on any material reality. However, the statements of two witnesses who retracted their statements saying they had been coerced were ignored by the court, and even though it could not be proved in court that Mustafa Koçak had provided guns, he was treated as the organiser of the action and sentenced. The court did not even scruple to call it a “matter of conscience” in sentencing Mustafa Koçak to life imprisonment, so as to prove itself to fascism.

Fascism showed its vengeful face this time through the court. The courts, which did not judge Berkin Elvan’s killers and who did not issue a single arrest warrant for six years despite the expert reports, were the children of the people in question; applauding their execution within seconds, without providing any evidence, without a fair trial, Mustafa Koçak can be sentenced to life imprisonment after two years as a “matter of conscience”…

This is not a trial, not a court, it is clearly revenge! People’s children are not the gladiators of the contemporary arena where fascism watches with pleasure – people’s children are not prisoners of fascism, they are not scapegoats, nor are they those who kill with pleasure and are then exonerated of all sins…

Against all these injustices, Mustafa always stood up for honour, and he was not a false confessor from the outset, and he stood up to and exposed the wrath of fascism. Those who wanted to take away his youth and life he now answers with hunger. For the right to a fair trial, he does not address the vengeful judges, he speaks to the conscience of all the peoples of the world…

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