Liam Campbell is Not Alone!

8 Jully, Halk Cephesi made paintings to the walls for displaying the torture and exradition of Liam Campbell. We wrote “the prisoners from IRA who resisit against toorture is not alone” in İkitelli at Atatürk and Beşkat neigbourhoods. All over the world the authorities try to blocking the struggle of the peoples for freedom and socialism. The gouvernements of England and Litvania are together for making torture to Liam Campbell. This attack is not just for Liam Campbell, this attack show us togetherness of imperialists and their parthners. All over the world, USA and other imperialists try to exploitative the peoples thats why the peoples and organisation have to be together agains them. We corroborate the struggle of the Irish people in their freedom fight!

People’s Front


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