At the start of the 1990s, the imperialists announced that the class war was at an end, capitalism had won certain victory, imperialism had changed and was no longer the old aggressive imperialism, democracy and human rights had been brought to the world.


However, it has been revealed that imperialism is again the same, exploitative and aggressive imperialism, that developments are not as has been claimed, that the rhetoric of imperialism changing consists of lies and deceit. The rhetoric of imperialism and the conquest of capitalism was in fact a major attempt to intimidate the peoples of the world, Marxist-Leninist organisations and organisations that fought for national liberation, and was also imperialism’s declaration of its own sovereignty. The imperialists, at the very beginning of the 1990s, first attempted to attack Iraq and endeavour to consolidate their own claims to sovereignty. In this period, American imperialism had already emerged from the first and second imperialist wars with the greatest gains and the least damage. Therefore, at the beginning of the attack on Iraq, American imperialism was also at the head of the imperialist camp.

American imperialism used all sorts of sophisticated technological weapons to attack Iraq, threatening both the peoples of the world and any in the imperialist camp who might develop conflicts of interest. The American Empire was essentially defined during this period. This definition has two important meanings. The first expresses the mastery of America over the imperialist camp; the second is that American imperialism is responsible for the exploitation of the peoples of the world, poverty, hunger, occupation and massacres.

The basis of the attacks by American imperialism against the peoples lies in its leadership of the imperialist camp, and the interests of the American monopolies are at the root of what it does and these imperialist monopolies are essentially occupying the throne of the empire. Because wars are primarily class struggles, and at the core of class struggles lies the interests of classes. Today, the United States, which has only 6% of the world’s population, has 50% of the world’s total income. That is, 50% of all the world’s income flows to America, to the American monopolies. According to reports published by the economic magazine Forbes, the wealth of Bill Gates, head of the list of only the 400 richest American entrepreneurs, at $ 86 billion is greater than the GDP in 2016 of more than 140 countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Bolivia, and Uruguay.

Colonialism has brought hunger, poverty, blood, and tears to the people, no matter what form of crisis it has been in since its history. Imperialism, whichever countries it goes to, has transmitted all the riches of those countries to its own country. Today, the great majority of the wealth is poured into the coffers of American monopolies. While the wealth of the richest 400 American monopolies 400 is around $ 1.5 trillion, according to the United Nations, the amount of investment required to fundamentally solve the world’s hunger problem is $ 50 billion. That is, even half of the wealth of a single American monopoly can surely find a solution to hunger in the world.

That heads America’s greatest crimes against the peoples of the world. The power that a handful of American monopolies have in the world economy is derived from this brutal exploitation and plunder.


Lenin’s produces a definition of imperialism as the “highest stage of monopoly capitalism”. This definition implies another very important reality of imperialism besides it being the last stage of capitalist society. This is the economic, political and cultural sovereignty of the monopolies in the world. This dominance is almost a decisive factor in virtually every area, from thought to clothing, from the books that are read to what we eat, from TV programmes and entertainment to the policies of government, and even the ties of intellectuals to the people, revolution on the left and armed struggle – almost all factors are affected to a decisive degree by it.

All of this means the plunder of lands by imperialist aggression under the domination of the monopolies. While this looting and pillage continues at the economic, political and cultural level, those who do not recognise the sovereignty of imperialism, those who fight against it, organisations, countries and peoples who do not accept the rule of imperialism are declared to be terrorists, massacred and occupied, many tonnes of bombs are dropped on them to intimidate them.

Imperialism continues to plunder by all means at its disposal.

Imperialist looting and plunder is why 70 per cent of the world’s population of seven billion is living below the poverty line, 1.2 billion people live below the hunger threshold, and every 5 seconds a child dies of starvation and hunger-related illnesses. More than 17,000 children die every day, 25,000 people starve. Every year, 18 million people die directly from hunger, and 70 million die from causes related to it. According to United Nations (UN) data, only $ 50 billion is needed to lift this hunger completely! Not even the annual profit of one of the world monopolies! The amount needed to completely remove hunger from the earth is 50 billion dollars, while the military expenditure of American imperialism alone for 2015 was 596 billion dollars.

Balzac said that “behind every major fortune there is a crime”.

Marx says, “The capital consists of blood, sweat and tears!” The spilled blood is the blood of the peoples of the world, the sweat the sweat of the peoples of the earth, the tears are the tears of the peoples of the earth. The crime underlying this exploitation and brutality is the crime of the imperialist monopolies.

If the capital is profitable, the blood is fed; Profits are equal and today the greatest capital is gathered in the hands of American monopolies, the head of the world’s flowing blood is American imperialism. These are the most basic evidence that the discourses of imperialism have changed are lies and deceit. Imperialism has not changed, nor is imperialism exploitative and repressive. According to the report of the British “charity” Oxfam; In 2016, 70 million people, equivalent to 1 percent of the world’s population, have more servings than the rest 99 percent of the world – about 7 billion of the world’s population. One rich one percent, the other 99 percent hungry and poor people. Or equal to 70 million 6 billion 930 million people.


If capital is to be profitable, it must be fed with blood; Profits are equal to blood and today the greatest capital is gathered in the hands of American monopolies, and American imperialism also spills the most blood. This is the most basic evidence that the discourses claiming imperialism has changed are lies and deceit. Imperialism has not changed, nor has imperialism lost its exploitative and repressive character. According to the report of the British “charity” Oxfam; In 2016, 70 million people, equivalent to 1 percent of the world’s population, have more servings than the other 99 percent of the world – about 7 billion of the world’s population. A rich one percent, the other 99 percent hungry and poor people. Or 70 million equals 6 billion, 930 million people.

The wealthiest eight monopolies in the world own more wealth than half the world, that is equal to the income of 3.6 billion of the world’s poorest people! This means that one wealthy person equals 450 million poor. In the neo-colonial countries, every day one billion 200 million people go to bed hungry, eight monopolies received half the world’s income. In South Asia in in four people struggle with hunger, in Africa one in three.

According to UNICEF’s statement for 2016, the number of children facing starvation is 1,400,000 in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, an increase of about 200 percent in 2016 compared to 2014.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation’s March 2017 statement, 30 million people are in danger of famine because of wars in the Middle East and North Africa. Famine is death, and 30 million people are struggling with it right now.

This is the truth that does not change, the fortunes of the imperialist monopolies versus the hunger and poverty of the world’s peoples. It is exploitaton and tyranny. The source of exploitation is private property. Marx defined private property as the root of all evil.


Because: division into classes emerged in society with private ownership. As societies divide into classes, there is conflict between classes and conflicts that depend on these interests. In classical societies, primitive communal society, people’s problems and interests were shared. The resources for living and the distribution of these resources were in common. There was a balance in social life. It has been private property that removed this balance and class stratification emerged from it.

Before private property, man was living as a social being, and each man’s own interests were independent and not separate from the community he was in. At the same time as each person earned a living for himself or herself, he was involved in the struggle for survival in the local community. This situation has changed with private ownership, and the interests of those who possess it now have become their own private interests, breaking away from the interests of society. This is the beginning of the exploitation of human labour.

Once society divided into classes of rich and poor, exploiter and exploited, history continued as a struggle for the interests of these classes, and imperialism, the last stage of capitalism, continued to the empire of today’s American monopolies.

This is the unchanged reality of the imperialist and capitalist World, and American imperialism, which sits on the throne of empire is in the first degree responsible for exploitation and the results of exploitation.


And this is also why the anger of the peoples against imperialism and the picture of hunger and poverty created by the exploitation of the imperialist monopolies is growing. To keep this anger within bounds, and to maintain the sovereignty of imperialism, the imperialists are on the one hand conducting their ideological and psychological warfare, while on the other they engage in attacks, occupations and massacres, conspiracies and coups.


This is why hundreds of billions of dollars have been set aside for military expenditure. Missiles, warplanes, brand-new military vehicles, weapons, bombs… Everything so that the monopolies can remain sovereign and continue their exploitation and plunder

Since 2016, 900 billion dollars have göne into military expenditure on a world scale, and 596 billion of this is by America. As soon as the new US President Trump took Office, it was declared that 6 trillion dollars had been poured into the Middle East so far and this could have rebuilt the USA twice over. The reason why American imperialism pours 6 trillion dollars into the Middle East is a matter of consolidating world domination. The US is trying to impose its sovereignty both on the imperialist camp and on the peoples of the world, and attacks the people who resist them by declaring them to be “terrorists”

It builds intelligence organisations, builds contra-guerrilla organisations, sets up juntas in various parts of the world, arms and supports fascist killers, violently overturns governments if they are not seen as serving its interests or are outside its chain of exploitation and establishes its own governments in their place. It increases its resort to arms and aggression day by day.

According to a report by the American National Intelligence Strategy Programme for 2009, more than 200,000 agents were working for 16 different US intelligence organisations and since that year their annual budget total 75 billion dollars.

In 2016 US military expenditure was 596 billion dollars, over half the world’s total military expenditure.

– There are American soldiers in 157 of the world’s countries.

There are no American military assets in 45 countries.

There are American troops and bases in 63 countries.

Since September 11th, there have been 13 new American bases established in 7 countries.

-We have to add 7 new bases in the Rojava (Kurdish) region of Syria.

According to a report of the US Department of Defense, there are 702 US military presence sites in 130 countries. It also has 6,000 bases within the US.

By numbers, US military industry has 845,441 buildings belonging to the Defense Department.

The budget of the 25 countries with the highest military spending equals the military expenditure budget of the United States.

In the US budget, the second-ranked education budget is $ 45 billion, while the defence budget is $ 596 billion.

The reason for so much military expenditure under the name of defence is aggression against the peoples of the world. The reason for aggression is to secure the exploitation by the imperialist monopolies. Statistics show that American imperialism is the dominant force for aggression against the peoples of the world. Because the principal imperialist power that exploits the interests of the peoples of the world is America, American monopolies. THE CHIEF ENEMY OF THE WORLD’S PEOPLES IS AMERICAN IMPERIALISM. America has also shown this is ints leadership of aggression against the peoples.


Between 1946 and 1975, American imperialism resorted to military aggression a total of 215 times in order to protect the interests of its monopolies. During this period, the use of nuclear weapons has been threatened 19 times.

Today, only US imperialism has 10,000 nuclear weapons in its hands, according to official figures, and even these weapons alone are enough to destroy the world many times over.


So why?

The reason for this gigantic military spending is to compel the domination by American imperialism, to make the exploitation by American monopolies infinite. Today, American imperialism is responsible for all the evil, massacres, exploitation and hunger in the world, national humiliation, backwardness. For this reason neither independence nor democracy nor a humn way of life can be established without a struggle against American imperialism.


Between December 1998 and September 1999 the USA and Britain rained 8,000 tonnes of bombs on Iraq.

As a result of UN sanctions and embargoes, by 1999, a total of 1.5 million people, including 300 children, were murdered. Today, children are being killed with chemical weapons in Syria. The US, which has increased its aggression against Syria with its lies, slaughtered 300,000 children with embargo in Iraq. Imperialism is a liar, two-faced. They are trying to hide their crimes with lies, psychological warfare methods, to show themselves as human rights defenders. Yet today 25 thousand people die every five seconds in the world, 17 of them children, starving to death every day, the American monopolies are exploiting the exploitation. History is full of crimes committed by American imperialism against the peoples of the world.



– It invaded Mexico in 1898, and entered Cuba the same year.

– In 1921 it occupied Nicaragua. Sandino, the leader of the anti-imperialist resistance, and 300 people were massacred. It started a cycle of terror that lasted for more than 40 years. It organised sabotage and assassinations.

In 1945, it bombarded Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities and brutally murdered 250,000 people.

– Between 1950 and 1953, hundreds of thousands of patriotic Koreans were slaughtered.

– In 1954, it killed thousands of Guatemalans.

– In 1955, it carried out numerous CIA operations in Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia.

– 1950-59: 60,000 people were killed in Cuba by US-backed Batista troops.

– In 1961 it organised the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

– In 1965 it dropped its paratroopers on the Dominican Republic and massacred 10,000 Dominicans.

– In 1973, 30,000 people were killed by the CIA’s coup d’état in Chile.

When it was expelled from Vietnam in 1975, it left behind 2 million dead and millions of disabled people. 638,000 tonnes of bombs were dropped by the USA on the people of Vietnam, that is, half of the total bombs that were dropped on Europe and Africa during World War II. It is said that there are about five bombs dropped per person.

– In Cambodia and Laos between 1970-75, the USA massacred one million people.

– It attacked Lebanon in 1983. Thousands of Lebanese were massacred in the operation, in which 14,000 marines took part.

– Again in 1983 it made a second attack on Lebanon. The warships of the US 6th Fleet rained bombs on Lebanon for days.

– In 1986, it exhibited an example of international banditry and bombed Libya, killing about a thousand civilians. It applied the embargo to the country as well as a sea blockade.

– In 1989 it sent troops to Panama and slaughtered 5,000 Panamanians.

– In 1991, Iraq invaded Kuwait and imperialist forces turned on it, dropping bombs on the Iraqi people. US planes made 12,000 sorties attacking the Iraqi people during this first Gulf War.

– In Somalia, using the situation in the country, other imperialist forces followed suit and occupied it.

– The embargo against Iran and the threat of attack have been continuing for years.

– 1999 When Serbia refused to withdraw from Kosovo, heavy NATO air strikes were organised.

– 2001 NATO troops were sent to Macedonia.

– “Fight Against Terror” – It invaded Afghanistan in 2001 with lies, the occupation is still ongoing.

– In 2003, the air, land and naval forces pre-bombed Iraq and then invaded it. American imperialism, which later withdrew its troops from Iraq spent spent 1 trillion dollars on attacking and invading Iraq from 2003 onwards. When America made a statement that “our losses were worthy of democracy to Iraq,” the table left behind was like this;

-1,300,000 Iraqis were slaughtered.

-30,000 Iraqis were raped.

Five million Iraqis were emigrated.

-2 million Iraqi homeless, 4 million children were orphaned.

-3,000 academicians and intellectuals were killed.

– There is no war, massacre, human rights violation of the United States that has not been inflicted on Latin America. The torturers who escaped from Nicaragua supported the anti-people organisations and attacked the Nicaraguan people.

– In many Latin American countries, it organised, trained, financed, armed and attacked the people under the name of the National Guard. Lastly, the United States has killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, sexually assaulted many women and systematically tortured tens of thousands of Muslims in prison.

– launched an offensive against the peoples in the Middle East and North Africa under the name “Arab Spring”. Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State, announced that they would engage in regime change in 20 countries in these regions. Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Syria were among the leading countries. This aggression in Syria still continues.

It is seen that American imperialism has not left any part of the world or even the country of the World untouched, especially in the last 60 years. In Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Somalia, Liberia, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sierra, Leone, Zaire, In Congo, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Latin America, Turkey, Greece… Millions of people were killed.


The riches of the imperialist monopolies are the poverty and hunger of the peoples. This situation has brought about the fury of the peoples of course, along with the growing injustice there are growing calls for justice from class and national liberation movements around the world.

Together with this, the crisis of capitalism crisis has forced capitalists to go to world war twice to overcome their crises. As the imperialist wars could not solve the capitalists’ crises, a sixth of the world in the first war and a third of the world in the second war joined the socialist camp, putting an end to the imperialist yoke.

This deepened the crisis of the imperialists. The imperialists who lost their markets with the national and class liberation wars that could not find a solution to their crises through war, on the contrary, had to go through changes in the forms of exploitation and the relations between them.

This integration between the imperialist nations naturally brought about new developments in economic, social and political relations.  The most important and major ones of these new developments emerged during the third crisis period with the militarisation of the imperialist economies that have been put into practice with the “cold war strategy” developed by the USA and neo-colonialism.

With neo-colonialism, the open occupation of the periods of the first and second crises of imperialism were replaced by secret occupation, and imperialism has become an internal phenomenon after being an external phenomenon.

Imperialism has become an internal phenomenon in the neo-colonial countries, without targeting imperialism cannot be won, liberation cannot be achieved, people’s hunger and poverty cannot be abolished.

The first reason for all the evils in the world is private property, the source of all the problems of the people of the world today, from health to poverty, from occupations to massacres, from unemployment to infant deaths, is imperialist exploitation. The gendarmerie and master of this exploitation is American imperialism, which sustains its military presence in 156 countries of the world and confiscates 50% of all world revenues.

All this is the truth that American imperialism is the chief enemy of the peoples of the world. American imperialism is the enemy of the peoples with its monopoly corporations, embargoes, economic military sanctions, with its military presence all over the World like the tentacles of an octopus, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Balkans, Latin America, taking 50% of the world income. For this reason, without fighting against imperialism, without fighting against the chief enemy American imperialism, independence cannot be won, freedom and democracy cannot be achieved.


Every revolutionary organisation, organisation, country, institution and person that wages a national liberation struggle, regardless of which country of the world it is today, has to target imperialism and the American empire.

It is impossible to be patriotic and revolutionary without resisting imperialism and fighting against imperialism.

Today we continue to fight against imperialism and its collaborators from the World and from Turkey, to fight, to pay the price. We continue to raise the armed struggle in the World and in Turkey at a time when those who give up fighting against imperialism, bury their weapons under the ground, and leave the hopes of the people at the mercy of the imperialist monsters.

And we make a call to the whole world. The only way is the armed warfare of the people against imperialism, resistance. For every patriot, the first duty of every socialist, is to resist and fight by using all kinds of ways and methods against the chief enemy America and its collaborators.





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