The International Symposium for Justice continues

Many interesting, quality speakers already had the floor this morning, just as Prison Radio from the USA talking about the need to intensify the struggle globally to free Mumia Abu Jamal and others unjustly imprisoned.

Lawyer of arrested artist Pablo Hasel spoke on the repression in Spain, highlighting the history of Secours Rouge International in Spain and explaining about repression on the prisoners.

There were reports also on the injustice, the war on drugs, and extrajudicial killings in the Philippines under 4 years of the Duterte regime by the youth organisation Anakbayan in France and Filipinos United in France, which is part of the Migrante in Europe.

Palestinian Prisoners’ Solidarity Network highlighted the ongoing oppression of Palestinians in their lands by Israeli military forces and stressed as well that injustice was one of the politics of imperialism.

The session continues this afternoon, with delay in time, by the Union Borotba from Donbass, speaking about the fascist politics of the Ukrainian government supported by imperialism.

A member of Alliance against War -Hands of Syria talked about the violation of international laws in terms of attacking the sovereignty of countries and imperialist wars of aggression.

These presentations were followed by a speaker of the National Liberation Council of Bangladesh, who highlighted exploitation and called for solidarity of all peoples.

Speakers from Mexico AIF and a political prisoners’ committee of Peru stressed the state violence and persecution of political views by mass incarceration and repression.

Political prisoners in Ireland and the ongoing repression against forces opposed to the influence of Great Britain on Irish territory have been also topics of the 1st day.

Francisco Longa, a researcher, university teacher, and member of the Frente Darío Santillán in Argentine has delivered a speech on how to organize solidarity among the people in the neighborhoods during this Covid-19 period and the necessity of self-organization in the midst of capitalist crisis.

Speakers of the Political Prisoners Network from Germany and the Popular Front of Syriacs in Europe reported about repression on political migrants through so-called anti-terror law named 129 mainly used against political activists opposing the repressive politics in Turkey.

And an activist of the People’s Fedayeen Guerillas represented a political point of view both opposing the oppression and rights violations of the Iran regime while opposing all kinds of imperialist politics and interventions, including the policy of sanctions towards countries.

There were many more speeches on this day and there will be many others in the next 2 days, concentrating on the Struggle for Justice with the participation of dozens of Lawyers as well as on the attacks towards people’s art and popular culture, sharing the songs of rebellion and solidarity with each other, while revolutionary musicians are in the focus of repression once again in recent days.

After the contributions and speeches of 25 countries by social, political movements and anti-fascist, anti-imperialist countries today, the program will go on tomorrow morning with around 20 European lawyers, who will discuss the issue of justice and the struggle for democracy and human right from their point of view.

Artists from several countries will come together on Day 3, Sunday, to speak about the attacks on artists, focusing on solidarity with the band Grup Yorum from Turkey and also the Catalan rapper Pablo Hasel who was recently imprisoned by the Spanish state.


There will different Links for the translation of the speeches into 7 languages.


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