The people of Turkey Continues Resisting Against the Fascism of AKP! A Father Begins Hunger Strike for the Right to a Grave for his Son, Killed in the Mountains!

Our people is Hungry for Justice, A Father is Adding up the Days of Resistance for 11 Guerrilla, For Their Burned Bodies Torn into Pieces, he is in Indefinite Hunger Strike for All the Children Without a Grave, he is the Voice of Our Brave Soldiers.

In Dersim and in Kürdistan the fascism of AKP tries to finish up with revolutionary fight by killing and exterminating everybody. But they will not be able to finish resistance… In the place of two brothers assassinated in the mountains, a father resists in the centre of the city.

The oligarchy is the enemy of the people and the people’s warriors. They tortured the bodies of the guerrillas, even after death, and buried them in mass graves.

By declaring rural areas of Dersim as special security areas they forbid them to the people, but they could not erase the existence of the guerrillas. November was the month when there was more bombing, with planes without pilot and heron planes. Tenths of guerrillas were killed; their identities were not informed and their bodies were not given to their families.

On November 7th, they bombed the shelter where the DHKC guerrillas were in. As this bombing was not informed to the people, nor the identities were declared nor the bodies were given to the families. The identities of the guerrillas who were killed and the ones who lived was informed to the people on 13th January in DHKC declaration number 468. It was determined that Kenan Günyel, Mustafa Doğru, Hüseyin Gülmez, Tuncel Ayaz, Murat Gün, Melih Işık, Bünyamin Kılıç, Naciye Yavuz, Hünkar Derya Güneş, Aysun Saban and Tarık Demir were present in the shelter at the time of the bombing and their bodies were claimed.

On 2nd February Kemal Gün, father of Murat Gün, from İbrahim Erdoğan Rural Guerrilla Unit in Dersim, began a sitting action first in Istanbul and then in Seyit Rıza Park in Dersim. He asked for the most human of rights, he was detained lots of times for asking for his son’s body. But this father who has given 2 sons to this honourable cause, began also to resist himself.

On February 24th, it was informed that Kemal Gün had begun an indefinite hunger strike, on 28th February the AKP was forced to give permission to excavate the shelter and with the leadership of the advocates and families the shelter where the guerrillas had stayed moths before, were dig.


We Took Out of the Land our Humanity and the Resistant Part of Ourselves!

On February 28th, we saw once more the despair and the hostility against the people of AKP.

They did not want to kill the DHKC guerrillas, they wanted to destroy them completely. The excavation made around Çat River, Hozat Town in Dersim was made by 4 Municipality workers, the families and the advocates, with their hands. The families digging with their nails found the rest of their children only in pieces of carbonized bones. The soil was burned, the pieces of bone were melted. When they found one of the layers especially red and during digging a smell which burned the lungs was spread, they proved that chemical bombs were fired.

When it was confirmed that the identity could not be determined with this little pieces of bones in this state, it was learnt that 7 bodies had been extracted from the shelter before, and they had been waiting at the medical facilities of the justice institution.

Kemal Gün said that he would continue his resistance in Seyit Rıza Square until he got the bodies of all the guerrillas, and he continues his resistance, and his hunger until today.


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Kemal Gün tel: 0553 088 60 72


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