The People’s Front in Greece carried out an action in front of the consulate of Turkey in support of the death fast resisters

The members of People’s Front and their friends organized an action on Friday 3rd July in front of the Turkish consulate in Athens at 7.00 PM. They called for the fulfillment of the demands by the death fast resisters and asked reckoning for the fallen resisters of Grup Yorum and Mustafa Kocak. In the statement which was read in Greek language, the demands of resistance were explained and information was given on the death fast period. Together the march song of Grup Yorum “Hakliyiz Kazanacagiz” (we are right we will win” was sang in this action, where red flags were raised and slogans were shouted in Turkish and Greek. Also the new composition of Grup Yorum “Zafer Halayı” (Dance of Victory) was played. 20 persons in total participated in the action. Long live our death fast resistance! The People’s Lawyers are our Honor! The Free Prisoners are our Honor! Down with Fascism, Long Live our Struggle!

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