Release Ayten Öztürk
Ayten Öztürk was abducted from the airport in 2018 as a result of cooperation between the Lebanese government and Turkish intelligence and brought to Turkey illegally.
She was held in a torture chamber for 6 months in Turkey, Ankara and had 898 wounds on her body. She was subjected to many tortures such as electrocution, suspension, threatening with rape, hot air or cold weather. After Öztürk was brought to Turkey by private plane, she was subjected to severe beatings, electricity, sexual and psychological torture. Due to her experiences, hundreds of wounds were formed on her body and she dropped to 40 kilograms. Öztürk, who was tortured by people who stated that they were educated about human anatomy, stated that her body had collapsed many times, that she was treated by a special team and tortured again. She stated that they described the place where the torture team stayed as “the bottom of hell”. Ayten Öztürk was sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment twice in her hearing held yesterday at the Istanbul 3rd Heavy Penalty Court. Ayten Öztürk was released under house arrest. 3.5 years of unjustified detention, 6 months of which was unregistered torture, has not come to an end. Ayten Öztürk was taken into custody on the grounds of an incident dated the same date as the file she was released from prison yesterday. Today, we learned that the prosecutor’s office has appealed against the decision to release Ayten Ozturk. The Ministry won’t quit! The prosecution objects!
6 months of torture continues like this. In addition, the Istanbul TEM branch police, who do not leave the Istanbul 3rd Heavy Penal Court today, show that the prosecutor’s office did not make the objection spontaneously. As a result; put an end to lawlessness. Execute the eviction order! Ayten Öztürk must be immediately released!

Ayten Öztürk was released at her hearing yesterday. However, she is being held in Silivri district gendarmerie station, as the Justice ministry did not persistently delete the erroneous call record in the UYAP-register and does not want to delete it.
Lawyers learned that the prosecutor’s office objected to Ayten Öztürk’s release decision. The Ministry does not let her out! The prosecutor’s office is appealing! This is how the torture that lasted for 6 months is continued.
The Ministry, the Gendarmerie has clearly been committing a crime against the law since 21:00 last night, when Ayten Öztürk was released from Silivri Prison. The crime of false imprisonment is committed.
In addition, Istanbul’s anti-terror branch police, who doesn’t leave Istanbul’s 3rd High Criminal Court today, show that the prosecutor’s office did not make the objection spontaneously.
Put an end to lawlessness.
Execute the release order!
Ayten Öztürk shall be released!

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