Trial of 11 Revolutionaries in Greece: Prosecutor Requests Acquittal

Today another hearing of the trial of the 11 Revolutionaries from Turkey in Greece was seen in Athens. In the previous hearing, all but one of the revolutionaries (Sinan Oktay Özen) were freed under certain conditions.

In the hearing today the prosecutor threw the indictment prepared by the Anti-Terrorism Department into the bin, and demanded the acquittal of the revolutionaries.

Urania Stathea, the prosecutor of the case, gave an opinion at the hearing of the appeal trial, which has been going on since 16 November, of 11 Turkish revolutionaries who were arrested on 20 March 2020 as a result of the political pressures of Turkish fascism on the Greek state.

The prosecutor Stathea revealed that the previous court’s accusations under the anti-terrorism laws and the 333-year prison sentence given were an unlawful decision that was given without any evidence. With the opinion of the prosecutor, the legal terror that the 11 revolutionaries had stated since the beginning of the trial was proven.

Prosecutor Stathea answered the sentences given by the previous court one by one and demanded the acquittal of 10 Revolutionaries from all charges and penalties.

The prosecutor wanted Sinan Oktay Özen, who is still in detention, to be acquitted of crimes such as being a member of an organization, importing weapons, combining weapons, and to be punished with a light sentence only for possession of a weapon.

In addition, the prosecutor stated in that the lives of  the 11 revolutionaries, who should be under the legal protection of the Greek state as political refugees, were put at risk by being exposed in the media as if they were guilty without proving their guilt. The prosecutor stated that although 11 revolutionaries were charged with heavy laws such as anti-terrorism, there was no evidence to support these accusations, and a very frivolous trial was made.

Among the notable features of the prosecution’s speech are its extreme comprehensiveness and point-by-point reversal of the allegations in the initial conviction. It also completely invalidated the testimony of the anti-terrorism security officer Lambropoulos,who was the main witness of the prosecution. Prosecutor Stathea said, “Officers of the Anti-Terrorism Department should express evidence, not personal opinions,” and also revealed that the police were false witnesses.

After the Prosecutor’s Opinion, the Lawyers asked for time, saying that they did not expect such an opinion and that they were not ready for the defense. The court was adjourned until 10 March 2023.

The struggle for justice carried out by 11 revolutionaries from Turkey and the People’s Front inGreece since July 19, 2021, when the previous court sentenced them to 333 years in prison, and the impact of the 97-day Indefinite Hunger Strike resistance were also reflected in the prosecutor’s opinion.

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