Yanito – İbrahim’e / To İbrahim / Para İbrahim

We are collecting solidarity works from writers and artists around the world to honour a musician on a death fast in Turkey, Grup Yorum Member Ibrahim Gökçek and his wife who is imprisoned. İbrahim is now on the last stages of a hunger strike which might end his life. The second piece in solidarity comes from Madrid and the Gibraltarian poet Jonathan Teuma a.k.a Yanito.. You can find more details about Ibrahim’s case on the letter Ibrahim wrote and the short film about his situation through the links: “I Used To Be a Guitarist, Now I’m a Terrorist”: https://morningstaronline.co.uk/artic… Ibrahim & Sultan: A Short Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2EfQ… If you would like to participate in the solidarity action leave a comment or send a message to get in touch. English Lyrics : To Ibrahim Their filthy hands over your mouth Are no more than an amplifier The crush of your guitar on the floor Is no more than a rapid echo Your body is your song Your struggle is a howl That calls for peace and respect And for everyone is a challenge To stand at your side To make a mantle From your body and song Your fight and howl Make a mantle of peace İbrahim, they cannot silence you. For all their efforts they cannot stop you, They can’t stop art. I ask that you stay, There’s a struggle ahead. And they cannot silence you İbrahim For Helin and her heart Together we all go forward. There is no tyranny that lasts forever And your light is so sharp that Death can go forget it! İbrahim, lets carry on fighting Because no matter how madly they want and how much they try, They cannot stop us.

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